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“The Treasure” by Piraten

This MOC is inspired by the Danish designer Jim Lyngvild and his book about the royal line. Based on Christian the 5 coronation crown which is part of the Danish crown regalia and are exhibited at Rosenborg Castle.

It is meant to be easily recognizable via the light blue globe, as well as the shape with 8 diamond-studded hangers, and of course the large blue sapphire in the front!

Who wouldn’t like to have their very own treasure made out of bricks!? Perhaps someone who plays princess or king with his own crown or the pirates where it is part of their hidden treasure… or the knights returning from a crusade and have to coronate their new king! This will make a fantastic display piece in any environment.

There are many more play options. It was an enjoyable build and many other LEGO collectors should enjoy this special build as well.

Contains approximately 4,000 pieces.