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“Free Vane and burn Nassau to the ground” by Mpyromaxos

Saturday, April 10th, 2021

This is an entry for Brickstory 2017.

Year: 1715
Place: Nassau
Mission: Free Vane and burn Nassau to the ground!

Vane is shuttled to the town square of Nassau where he will be executed.
Bones and those loyal to him join the crowd, intent on a desperate rescue attempt.
However, Vane makes eye contact with Billy and gives him a silent order to stand down..
But Captain Flint has a different opinion than the movie series..
Free Vane and kill them all!!! Nassau it’s ours again!!!


















“Sabre Island Anno Domini 2021” by SleeplessNight

Friday, April 9th, 2021


The Barracuda has set sail and Redbeard is threatening the shipping routes once again! So the Bluecoats had to up their game to protect Imperial trade. For the start they have hastily restored the tower on the Sabre Island.

What do you think about their effort?






It’s not too big with 1443 elements (excluding minifigs). The build is rather sturdy (maybe except for the furniture) but it still empoys some techniques and tricks that you might find interesting.

There are a few more pictures on flickr:

Sabre Island Anno Domini 2021

“Fer Maiden” by Supersick_

Saturday, April 3rd, 2021

There be a new 5th rate frigate found in these waters. She be called the Fer Maiden, pierced for 36 guns. She’s armed with 18 long guns on her upper (gun) deck with a further 14 carronades on her weather decks. 2 long gun bow chasers and 2 larger carronades on her stern complete her firepower.

She’s built at Theme-scale: a slick, fast hunter that can protect merchants … or hunt and take prizes. In this build she is flying the black, but every smart pirate knows that a letter of marque from a faction’s admiralty is worth more than pieces of eight. A “chest” of alternate flags would be a great compliment.

Features: a working capstan to weigh anchor, a stove to feed her crew, a furnished cabin for her captain, standing and running rigging with yards that rotate to accurately portray various sailing profiles, and removable foc’sle and quarter decks to allow access to her gun deck and interior.

This is designed and built using real parts first before I made it digital in and uses 100% legal build techniques and pieces.

Now, keep that prize 2 points off our larboard bow on a broad reach, throw all sheets to the wind and let her eat.







Build details: this started as an evolution from my earlier Barracuda frigate (21322 x2) but quickly became her own endeavor. I tried to nail the desired level of play vs realism, staying in theme scale and hull sections. My reasoning is that it can integrate nicer with peoples’ official set collections if they choose. Because of that I decided to leave the molded shrouds off the mizzenmast, which allowed me to get the proportions of the sail plan “correct” whilst still allowing for full rotation of the yards and spanker. I fully realize some of the concessions and compromises I had to make but I like the result and challenge.

Full respect to you long-time MOC builders pioneering the space, and hopefully when viewing her with the theme-scale perspective you understand why I did certain things. One of which is only 4 mid sections, though her length is much closer to that of a 5-mid-frigate. I am currently building her modular lower hull so she can be displayed/played with a variety of ways – especially on an island beach getting careened, or perhaps in a yard getting her copper.

Check out the ReBrickable page for instructions and more details.



“The Siege of Skull Island by Imperial Guards” by evancelt

Thursday, April 1st, 2021

Not a LEGO MOC in the normal sense, but a MOC nonetheless

Made from extras I had lying around in baggies

“On the road to Pamu” by Bregir

Monday, March 29th, 2021

A few hours ride from Westface up the Drake River, a small delegation of Corlanders iss watering their horses at a Terraversan watermill in the early dusk. Captain Brickleton, Lord Spud, and Consul Montoya are discussing the situation, while young Baker is tending the horses.

“Reports indicate that Oldis has retreated to Pamu with his forces after the defeat of Kings Port, where he has linked up with the large force of Eslandian mercenaries landed there to support him. They are still outnumbered by the Oleonese force in Kings Port, but not by a great margin.” Captain Brickleton said, reiterating the tactical situation on the island.

“Indeed, Captain. A very similar situation to our own in Westface: Potentially outnumbered by the Bluecoats, should they single us out!” Lord Spud exclaimed sternly. “Perhaps the honourable consul can expand on the diplomatic situation?”

“Ser?!” Lord Spud repeated at Montoya.

“I could swear those are Phasianus Celestiales…” Montoya muttered to himself, before being brought back to reality by Lord Spud’s insistent tone. Lord Spud was not a man to ignore, and neither was their mission. “Why, yes, of course…” he said as he recollected himself. “The exact nature of the Eslandian commitment is rather… uncertain. So far, it seems to be privately funded mercenaries, with no official declaration of support for Oldis and Terraversa as of yet, nor official commitment to any war.”

“However, Eslandola has long held strong ties with the Archduke, and latest intelligence indicates that the Colonial Council is currently meeting to discuss further assistance.” With a shrug he added: “One never knows what the outcome of these odd republican machinations will be, though.”

Spud considered this for a moment. “Nonetheless, while divided we are each outnumbered, united our forces would outmatch the Bluecoats by a large margin.”


Brickleton nodded and added: “As to our route: By avoiding the coastal roads, we should be clear of patrols and settlements occupied by the enemy. We have been provided with a map for the interior, and L’Olius ensures us that the Atwi will help us on our way. In a few days, we should be able to make it safely to Pamu.”

“Time is of the essense – Oldis may be tempted to accept a peace deal regaining him Kings Port, leaving us to deal with the Bluecoats alone. L’Olius. however, has made it very clear that he is not likely to abandon us in favour of a deal struck between Oldis and Oleon. There seems to be little trust between him and the Archduke…” Montoya scratched his head and concluded: “Our presence in Pamu with a message of coordination and cooperation could change Oldis’ perspectives…”

“As soon as the horses are watered, we shall ride on.” Lord Spud declared. “And you know the way, Captain Brickleton?..”

“Saber Island/Volcano Island Combo” by Seaber

Friday, March 26th, 2021

This is my reimagined version of Saber Island – this time the outpost has been built on the former volcano that makes up Volcano Island.


Set on a 32×32 base plate, made from under 1600 pieces with seven minifigures, a seagull, a shark, a crab, a lobster, a clam and a starfish.


The little dock is served by a crane that can lift the cargo up to the fortress. For the poor Imperials, it’s up that rickety staircase we go.


The staircase is in a bad state and many of the handrails have rotted away. Some supports have been put in to hold up what’s left, let’s hope they’re strong enough.


A view up at the outpost from the staircase. I added an extra level to the original set.


I also added a little extension to the side.


The roof also has a tiny bell tower build to raise the alarm when enemies approach. The cannon emplacement and tree are present as they are in the original set.


I added a creeper plant up the other side of the building to add a bit of visual interest. I chose dark red as the base colour, I almost went for dark tan.


All three balconies and windows in the middle floors have different builds.


The roof has been enlarged and I used the broken rungs technique from the Elusys Ra Anwal’s Forbidden Island build to make the tower look run down. I would ideally have the telescope on pearl gold, but the sextant piece isn’t available in that colour.


The roof has a sextant and compass accessory, you can just about see the alarm bell in the tiny building. Below the roof is the Governor’s office.


The Governor’s table is complete with maps, quill and ink pot, goblet and decanter, with a nautical painting on the wall.


The office is lit by a chandelier, the table build, and most of the interior is SNOT.


Below that is the barracks with two bunks, below that the entrance hall with a store room to the side.


The barracks has a little weapon rack, the entrance hall has a banner and chest full of gems. ‘In real life’ there would be a mess hall and kitchen closer to the camera.

And now to the Volcano Island.


One thing I always wanted to do was have a skull that was solid rock, not with gaps for the eyes or nose.


The skull opens up to give access to a hidden cave where the Pirates can store their loot. I did want to add a subterranean prison with access to the cave, but there was no room.


The Pirates have to be very sneaky to get in their hideout under the watchful eye of the Imperials.


I should have rendered these without the roof, it’s very dark. There are little islands dotted around covered in coins. There is also a carved stone skull with glowing eyes, I wonder who carved it…


The hole here is big enough to get your hand in for play in the cave.


“Reconnaissance in Force” by Ayrlego

Monday, March 22nd, 2021

Colonel Sir Dirk Allcock has been busy since landing in Westface. As commander (land), Corlander Forces Terraversa, he has had much to do. Most of his time has been taken liaising with L’Ouis and his Terraversan staff in Westface, finding billets for the Corlander Expeditionary Force and ensuring there are enough supplies to campaign. Before leaving for Pamu, his old friend Montoya and remarked his preparations would be in vain, and that the proposed peace talks would prevent conflict.  Allcock was not so sure. He had not been in favour of war with Oleon, although that nation’s aggressive and irresponsible actions attacking King’s Port had left the Crown with little choice. Since the declaration, old enmities – animosity Allcock had hoped buried with expansion into the New World – had spilled to the surface. He felt certain the war; which to date had been relatively bloodless between Corrington and Oleon, would not end without a major blood letting.

Finally the arrangements in Westface were competed to his satisfaction. Still, his work had only just began. He strongly believed that information won battles and wars. The Corlanders had limited knowledge of the environment and terrain of Eastern Terraversa. This would have to change. Together with his second in command; Major Nathaniel Brickford, he has left Westface to conduct a thorough reconnaissance eastern Terraversa. Not wanting to risk capture or ambush, this will be a reconnaissance in force, accompanying Allcock and Brickford are a retinue of staff officers including Colonel Agnolino de Silva, the Terraversan liaison officer assigned to Allcock’s staff, Captain Nardo Bonzi, a militia officer and expert guide. Escorting the force are a strong force of cavalry including a troop of the Corlander 2nd Regiment of Hussars and a troop of elite Terraversan cuirassiers.

Allcock is paying particular attention to ensuring the force’s maps are up-to-date and enhanced with local knowledge. The locations of river crossings, seasonal weather patterns. The thirst for knowledge that saw him a founding member of the Royal Society of Natural Philosophy is now applied to his military command. If battle was coming, he was determined that the Corlander force would not be defeated due to a lack of local knowledge.

“Naval Intelligence Office in Port Woodhouse” by Evancelt

Friday, March 19th, 2021

In response to the war now declared with Oleon, the Corrington Admiralty has opened a primary Naval Intelligence Office in Port Woodhouse. Naval Intelligence officers are responsible for manning Corlander naval communication structures, inventing new means for inter-ship communication, developing written ciphers, and maintaining networks of undercover operatives.

Their new presence in Port Woodhouse signals the focus given to technological advancement within the Corlander armed forces. The recent introduction of optical telegraph relay stations across the Brick Seas has greatly aided quick communication between ships and settlements.

Lieutenant Keeling (right tower) is experimenting with a new flag-based semaphore method where individual flags represent letters. He signals down to the larger seaside mast-based semaphore tower and later will ride down to see how well the crew took down his message.

“Skull Island” by Grant_Davis_

Tuesday, March 16th, 2021

“They told me there would be skulls! Geez, what a misplaced name..”

A LEGO Pirates Island. What better place to dock your pirate ship than an tropical Island? Islands always seem to have a fantastic history behind them, it provides a real sense of adventure!

The set, unlike many traditional LEGO Pirate sets, would be focused more around the island itself, landscaping would take priority over manmade structures and boats.

Note: This project has expired and voting is no longer available. Visit the LEGO Ideas page for more details.

“Belisarius” Skeleton Pirate Ghost Ship by Delusion Brick

Wednesday, March 10th, 2021

Belisarius is a pirate boat that after a lot of journeys and adventures, in one of its trips and in its final quest for a long-lost treasure that was located in the abyss, it met a magical sea dragon. The dragon was the guard of the abyss that did not allow bad spirits to rise the surface. After a battle between the dragon and the ship not only was the dragon beaten but also it became the ship’s skeleton. All the sailors were transformed as well into it’s skeleton which also became part of the ship. So now, the ship took the role of the guard and protector until someone else had to win and take with its turn that role.

The set includes florescent pieces so when you switch off the light you can see the skeleton, the mystique of the dragon and the darkness vanishes the black bricks of the ship which looks like its flying in the air.

Visit the Belisarius LEGO Ideas webpage for more photos.

Note: this project has expired and voting is no longer available.

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