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“HMS Midway” by Elephant Knight

Wednesday, October 20th, 2021 Featured Image for HMS Midway by Elephant Knight

The Soldiers have launched a new ship! In the long tradition of the Caribbean Clipper, Elephant Knight brings us the “HMS Midway contains a robust, brick-built hull and a beautiful color scheme blue and gold yellow colour scheme… everything that is needed to make Governor Hacienda ecstatically happy!

Elephant Knight writes:

I don’t build boats often for the Governors, or Blue Coats if you prefer, but I do on occasion. I actually built this last year, but only just got around to taking photos.

It may be one of my best builds yet, it certainly feels like it to me. I am annoyed at that fact, because it is a governor ship. They are easily the third, maybe the fourth favorite faction of mine. Imperials and Pirates being the top two (Not necessarily in that order) and the Governors and Armada vie for third place.

Tell me what you think!


Broadside of the "HMS Midway" by Elephant Knight

Look at that robust broadside – imagine a volley of lead coming your way!

HMS Midway by Elephant Knight

It would be more convenient if the Jacob ladders extended to the crow’s nest

HMS Midway by Elephant Knight

Steering the ship is not an easy task, but the helmsman is doing a fantastic job!

HMS Midway by Elephant Knight

Due to budget cuts they could only afford a wizard’s hat for the figurehead

Not familiar with Soldiers (Blue Coats)?

Soldiers (Blue Coats) were the original opposing faction to the Pirates, and to this day, remain one of the most popular sub-themes of LEGO Pirates. They have been extremely popular on LEGO Ideas and MOCs based on the sub-theme receive thousands of likes on the Classic Pirates Instagram.

The first wave of sets, which included 6274 Caribbean Clipper, were introduced in 1989 and faded into the horizon after 1993.

Front Cover of 6274 Caribbean Clipper Instructions Book

6274 Caribbean Clipper – the inspiration for the HMS Midway

The Blue Coats sailed once more in 2015 with a small wave of sets which didn’t really make waves in terms of design, but if Brickhammer’s LEGO Ideas submission, “Imperial Island Fortress” passes review, we could see an impressive set targeted towards the AFOL market in the future. Well, here’s to hoping!

About the Builder…

Elephant Knight is a wise old elephant who has been contributing impressive ships to the LEGO Pirates Forum for years. While his oeuvre boasts many fine ships, he’s not afraid to venture into other genres, especially science fiction.  Yet, all his creations are grounded in reality by being built with physical bricks.

His Flickr Photostream awaits you… or you can hit the red button below to discuss the HMS Midway with Classic Pirates and Elephant Knight himself, in the LEGO Pirates MOC Subforum.

“The Sword of the Seas” by Bricky_Brick

Wednesday, October 6th, 2021 Featured Image for "The Sword of the Seas" by Bricky_Brick

Remember how Bricky_Brick submitted a creation to LEGO Ideas and eventually it became Pirates of Barracuda Bay? (If you don’t you either need your memory checked or have a lot of homework to do).  Well, Paokus Sanchez is a very talented AFOL, so it’s only natural he’d explore other facets of the LEGO Pirates theme, ships being a quintessential aspect.

Here we have the Imperial Guards (red coats) sailing a mighty battle ship… The Sword of the Seas flying Soldier (blue coat) colours.  Eh? What? That can’t be right. Ok, let’s look at the backstory for a possible explanation…

The Backstory

Messages have been received regarding a pirate bay. The royal message is clear and the governor wants his best ship for the expedition mission, “The Sword of the Seas”, the fastest ever seen so far. Some pirates call it that because it is able to split its bow on other ships and sink them in moments without the need of cannons. The powerful front structure repels any threat.

Ah, nope. No explanation as to why the Imperial Guards are flying the Soldier’s flag. So either they’re imposters or the builder has overlooked the correct insignia. Admiral Woodhouse must be furious! But it doesn’t matter, does it?  You didn’t support this ship on LEGO Ideas, did you? Well guess, WHAT! It’s too late! The project has expired so here’s yet another glorious Pirate creation you’ll never get to own for yourself.

A stunning render

The redcoats are having fun!

Render of Sword of the Seas

Get ready for a sailing adventure!

Render of Sword of the Seas

This picture provides a better look at the fearsome cannons

Render of Sword of the Seas

Bricky_Brick writes:

A ship with all its needs, watch post, barrels of food and water, cannons, rest rooms for the crew, captain’s cabin, cargo hold  and command post among others, there is also a small dungeon.

Important note: The main intention is that the final model carries cloth sails and not Technic one. This would reduce the number by approximately 700 pieces in addition to the built in weight.

Thank you very much to everyone for being there supporting not only my project, but the projects of all those people who have made with love and affection to give it to all the followers of LEGO.

Thank you

Render of Sword of the Seas

A side view of the ship…

Render of Sword of the Seas

Render of Sword of the Seas

The ship could be separated into smaller modules for easy interior access.

Render of Sword of the Seas

Just look at that bed! The redcoats will definitely be happy to sleep there…

Render of Sword of the Seas

Render of Sword of the Seas

The complete minifigure lineup…

About the Builder…

Fans of LEGO Pirates should have heard of Bricky_Brick, as he is the designer behind the incredible Pirates of the Barracuda Bay. In addition, he has submitted a whopping 60 projects on LEGO Ideas – of which an impressive 10 have reached the 10k mark!

If you have already missed out on supporting this wonderful project, you can still check out his other projects on his LEGO Ideas profile! You can also follow him on InstagramPinterest, Twitter and Flickr where he regularly posts about his LEGO builds.

And, as always, hit the red button below to discuss this MOC in the LEGO Pirates Forum.

“Eldorado Fortress Redux” by LM71Blackbird

Wednesday, September 29th, 2021 Featured Image for "Eldorado Fortress Redux" by LM71Blackbird

In the beginning a mighty fortress was constructed to rise above the seas and provide safe haven from treacherous LEGO Pirates. It was named “Eldorado” by it’s original occupants, the Imperial Armada, who were inspired by tales of their ancestors. For when rays cast by the setting sun shine upon the yellow brickwork, it takes on the luster of gold.

Years later Governor Broadside and his blue coat Soldiers were in need of a new stronghold for their base of operations. Eldorado Fortress was far too ideal to pass up, so Broadside concocted a devious plan! He arranged a tequila drinking contest with The Admiral, Don Diego de LEGO, who never shied away from a challenge.  Little did he know Broadside kept substituting his tequila shots with a similar coloured liquid that lacked intoxicating effects – probably best not to ask what that was…

Consequentially Don Diego became very drunk enabling the Soldiers to spring into action and fire him out of a cannon while still wearing his shiney golden curiass. The utterly dismayed Imperial Armada, guards cried “Cannonball Cordoba“, a name much to chagrin of The Admiral, has firmly stuck ever since.

Render of Eldorado Fortress Redux

This version of Eldorado Fortress has an extended wharf

LM71Blackbird writes:

Eldorado Fortress. A beloved set the world over by many a LEGO Classic Pirate fan. This recreation expands upon the old revered set and I believe improves some of the play features and design elements. A full brick built and detailed rock formation sits underneath an enlarged an updated version of the classic Bluecoat Fortress of Governor Broadside.

Enlarging the build allows for the ability to move some of the facilities underground in the fully accessible basement which includes a kitchen, storage area, sleeping quarters and prison. Hours of fun can be had recreating moments from your childhood or newcomers creating brand new moments of their own.

The governor remains ever watchful from the high watchtower with his Lieutenant overseeing the handling of the cargo. All the while the pirates are trying to escape from prison!

This model includes approximately 3000 bricks. Includes 8 minifigures and has a full playable interior with removable sections for easy play access.

Eldorado Fortress Redux by LM71Blackbird 05

The fortress now has a nice garden… with free coconuts!

Eldorado Fortress Redux by LM71Blackbird 04

Retains the charm of the original yet offers some nice innovations

Eldorado Fortress Redux by LM71Blackbird 03

What goods can be found in the hold?

Eldorado Fortress Redux by LM71Blackbird 02

It appears a naughty lad has been captured!

Not Familiar with Eldorado Fortress?

6272 Eldorado Fortress was the largest Imperial Soldier set released during the first wave of LEGO Pirate sets, back in 1989. It contained 496 pieces and 8 minifigures, 4 of which were soldier troops, all with the same appearance… it did however, include the more elusive Governor Broadside minifig, who only appeared in one other set, 6276 Caribbean Clipper… and we also get a cameo from Lieutenant de Martinet, or the blue coat commander minfig, if you prefer.

Photo of LEGO Pirates "6276 Eldorado Fortress"

And here be the beautiful original!

About the Builder…

LM71Blackbird has been seen round the traps of the LEGO Pirates Forum for a while now. He contributes regularly to the Brethren of the Bricks game and has shared a generous number of militaristic MOCs, many of which can be found in his Flickr photostream.

“HRS Leopard” by Bodi

Monday, September 20th, 2021 Featured Image for "HRS Leopard" by Bodi

Bodi has sent the HRS Leopard to the rescue!  He built this frigate with custom sails for the Brethren of the Brick Seas game – and right now they’re battling it out in the LEGO Pirates Forum! So don’t miss out  action – will the Leopard be enough to strengthen the blockade or will further reinforcements be required?  Join the fun and find out!

Bodi writes:

The Olean fleet has been blockading the Terraversa for months, despite their best efforts, several Corrie and Eslandian ships have managed to pass through the blockade and landed hundreds of troops on that island, complicating the already complex situation.

In response to this show of force, the ministry of the colonies has ordered a couple of new ships to the Eltina Shipyards, where men were working at full capacity since the start of hostility.

Here’s one example of the newly commissioned by la Royale. Built for speed and firepower, this class of new frigates, along with other heavy hitters, will help Oleon to maintain its naval superiority.

HRS Leopard from the port side

The Back Story

Captain Surlecoup, as an Olean privateer, made his first appearance in the Westface, while the RNTC was carrying out a mission in Terraversa. OL’s mission in Westface had to solicit the captain’s help after having detained by the local authority, despite their prior efforts in rescueing shipwrecked TVsans. The whole thing turned out to be a trap set by the lawless TV militia, and without the intervention of a more reasonable mind, war between OL and TV could have taken place years before.

Then, our relentless captain has proved his competence and savoir-faire during the Lotus incident, delivering precious information about the motivation behind that sudden incursion of Lotii in El Oleonda, and in the subsequent sea battle, he, with his samourai friends, captured a Lotii warjunk.

It’s in recognition of his devotion to the Crown, this frigate was specially designed and built for him. In line with the latest advancement in OL’s naval architecture, this ship has the particularity of offering more room for the crew, allowing them to better adapt to a prolonged journey on sea.


Captain Surlecoup is going to board his new ship.


And he’s glad to find his companions of arm already on board.


“Captain on the quarterdeck.” Said the helmsan. “But where is the helm?” Asked a surprised Surlecoup.


“Here it is. under the poop deck.” Replied the man. “This should keep your clothes dry in bad weather.”


“Very well, set sails and head to the open sea.”


About the Builder…

Bodi is a regular contributor to the Brethren of the Brick Seas game played in the LEGO Pirates Forum on Eurobricks.

“El Puerto de Cartagena” by Stoertebricker

Monday, September 13th, 2021 Featured Image for "El Puerto de Cartagena" by Stoertebricker

Can pirate-themed forts be combined with the Hogwarts Clock Tower? Why would you even want to? What business does the Harry Potter franchise have in the LEGO Pirates universe?

Actually, come to think of it, the Harry Potter theme offers a wealth of pieces which suits the LEGO Pirates theme. So Stoertebricker has answered these questions in this in his latest MOC, El Puerto de Cartagena, and the answer is YES!

Stoertebricker writes:

Bienvenidos a Cartagena!

Lower your anchor, take a bottle of rum and relax from your adventurous voyage through the caribbean sea!

The harbour should reasamble the harbour of Cartagena de Indias which intense impression has burned into my mind after a visit there. The city was one of the first foundations made by the spanish and became one of the connection point for the gold and silver routes. The fortifications of the city have been raided several times until they have been build as strong that no one could conquer them again. In 1585 the famous pirate Sir Francis Drake did so and conquered and looted the city. In the same year the main cathedral was finished, too. So I hope you can see what brought me to this idea.




The harbour consists of 3 parts (by now…):

El castillo:


The fort on the hill could welcome you with a big volley so be sure that you are coming in on a frienndly mission.

It is situated on a rock with a cave underneath to hide some stuff you dont want to bring into the harbour. For pirates a skeleton shows then how they will be threated. The main tower is already been demolished and now converted to a small barrack. In front of the dorr there is a trap door throwing you into the cave. The fortress should be way bigger but for me it works as representing the first corner of the main fort. The doors lead you into the city…




The Colonial Warehouse51213722048_750032c9bc_z.jpg

With the warhouse I tried to reassamble the famous colonia architecture. I features a fishing gear shop and a warehouse whti a big balcony. From there you can have a nice view on the main square in front of the cathedral…


The Cathedral


The main cathedral looks like a fortification but due to the rich inhabitants it has nice stained glass windows. But these inhabitants do not belive very much in god but more in gold so the altar is filled up with all the treasures stolen from the surrounding natives all around the caribbean.

So come in and take a closer look! The cathedrals has detachable roofs and can be accessed by minfigs on all levels.


51213501676_e99a3fe278_m.jpg      51213726498_449d47d505_n.jpg

Besides the cathedral there is right now the tavern from POTC but it can easily be removed to continue the pier to expand the harbour… (which I hope I can do!) :pir-huzzah2:

All in all I hope you enjoyed your stay and be ready to set sail for your next adventour!

– Captain Störtebricker

About the Builder…

Stortebricker is a regular contributor on both Eurobricks and LEGO Ideas. You can view more of his builds on his LEGO Ideas profile.

“Imperial Island Fort” by BrickHammer reaches 10K on LEGO Ideas

Tuesday, September 7th, 2021 Featured Image for "Imperial Island Fort" by BrickHammer reaches 10K on LEGO Ideas"


Wonderful news, mateys! 10K LEGO Ideas submission, “Imperial Island Fort” by BrickHammer (along with 34 other submissions) has qualified for the Second 2021 LEGO Ideas Review.

This is the second LEGO Pirates themed submission to qualify for review and the first Imperial Guard sub-theme submission to sail across the qualification line.

The LEGO Ideas Team writes:

This morning, we closed the latest review qualification round with 34 submissions reaching the 10,000 supporter milestone and therefore qualifying for the Second 2021 Review.

These 34 product ideas have hit the 10,000 supporter milestone between the months of early May 2021 and today’s review qualification date, the 6th September 2021. We’d like to offer our congratulations to all 10K members who’ve made it this far!

Product Ideas hitting 10,000 supporters after today’s deadline will be eligible for the next review period instead that starts on the 10th of January, 2022. In fact, one project just missed the deadline and will therefore be a part of the next review.

We look forward to celebrating our 10K Club members through the 10K Club Interview series, which will kick-off as soon as we’ve announced the First 2021 review results.

Have a favourite or perhaps multiple favourites? Let us know in the comments what you’re hoping will make it through this review.

A Promising Sign!

Earlier in 2021 Pirate fans raised concern when they noticed the BrickLink Designer Program was not crowdfunding any Pirate themed sets, despite three (or potentially 4) Pirate submissions reaching 10K in support. Not mention, every fort we’ve been posting on Instagram has been receiving exceeding 3K likes.

An Imperial Fortress is certainly a welcome sign,  but let’s not get our hopes up because it may not pass review. Also, let’s consider this submission is competing with around half a dozen Castle themed submissions, including a medieval harbour and there has never been a medieval take on a harbour released as an official set.

At the bottom of the official LEGO Ideas blog post is a comment section to express your enthusiasm so the LEGO Group know how much you’d LOVE an Imperial Fortress. So get commenting!

The One that got Away

Another Pirate themed related submission, Land Ahoy By Ralf Ranghaal narrowly missed out for review as it failed to achieve 10K supporters before the deadline.

But that means it’s a prime candidate for the first 2022 review. Isn’t that right, LEGO Group?

"Land Ahoy" by Ralf Ranghaal

This creation proves the Earth definitely isn’t flat

The Original Post:

This small island fortress is a blend of classic LEGO strongholds like the 6267 Eldorado Fortress and actual real life Caribbean architecture! Well not really, according to historical accuracy, but it sure does look great in LEGO form! Just overlook the fact BrickHammer has used the Soldier’s flag in conjunction with the Imperial Guard minifgures.

The island consists of a big main castle on top of a rocky cliff and a pier beneath it. The castle contains a gatehouse tower and the governor’s house!  The pier beneath the castle is fortified with 2 cannon bastions to guard the island from incoming pirate ships or Imperial Armada attacks!

The proposed set includes around 1,500 pieces.

Render of "Imperial Island Fort" by BrickHammer - Front

There may be some confusion with the flags…

BrickHammer writes:

The Idea
Since I was a child I have been a big fan of pirates and the old pirate LEGO theme! Now as an adult I am still an avid fan of history! This small island fortress is therefore supposed to be a blend of nostalgic classic LEGO red coat fotresses like the Eldorado Fortress and actual real life caribbean architecture!

The Build
The island consists of a big main castle on top of a rocky cliff and a pier beneath it. The caslte contains a gatehouse tower and the governor’s house!
The pier beneath the castle is fortified with 2 cannon bastions to guard the island from incoming pirate ships or Armada attacks!

About 1500 pieces.

Render of "Imperial Island Fort" by BrickHammer - Side

The Imperial Guards could have a stronghold to rival Eldorado Fortress!

Render of "Imperial Island Fort" by BrickHammer - Back

The rear approach is also guarded by a battery – they will not be flanked!

Render of "Imperial Island Fort" by BrickHammer - Side

Note to designers: put cannons on swivel bases for better coverage

"Imperial Island Fort" by BrickHammer - Admiral's Quarters

That candle allows the Admiral to strategize at night – meanwhile Governor Broadside drinks wine from a yellow goblet every evening

Render of "Imperial Island Fort" - Celebrations out front

Actually, the Admiral also doesn’t mind a drink, or three…

About the Builder…

BrickHammer is a 5 times 10K LEGO Ideas Club Member. Yes, that’s right, FIVE of his submissions have reached 10K supporters and here’s his LEGO Ideas profile to prove it! He’s a very talented digital builder and posts regular updates on his Instagram, so be sure to follow him for more exciting creations.

If you’re not familiar with his Imperial Island Fort, visit the LEGO Ideas submission webpage for additional updates.

And, as always, swing by the LEGO Pirates Forum and share your excitement about Imperial Island Fort – maybe another LEGO Pirate themed  set will go into production! After all, rumour has it, 21322 Pirates of Barracuda Bay is coming to the end of its run later in 2021.

“Vane’s Pirate Hideout” by VaneStream

Thursday, September 2nd, 2021

Fresh out of Havana, VaneStream presents us with a modular fusion, melding a Parisian restaurant with a Pirate-themed hideout. An unlikely combination to be sure, but VaneStream dares… and succeeds in his eponymous creation. After, this is Captain Vane, not just any roughneck pirate, so his hideout requires elegance… and a healthy supply of croissants. Making him the envy of his rivals, as it’s been said, Brickbeard refers to him as “Captain Vain“.

Check out Vane’s Pirate Hideout in the Pirate MOCs forum, a subforum of the infamous LEGO Pirates forum.

VaneStream writes:

I present Aye Rock, Vane’s pirate hideout:

Having accumulated an abundance of riches, Vane has upgraded Aye Rock in the style of his favourite Parisian Restaurant.

What used to be a ramshackle shack is now an impressive baroque palacio, much to the annoyance of rival pirates.

Let me know what you think 🙂


This looks like a mighty fine place! It is far away, but that may prevent unwanted guests.


After quite a long journey, everyone just couldn’t wait to get drunk be more excited to be here!


Where is everyone? Maybe they’re inside  feasting upon delicious food in the restaurant?


The hideout has been established… but will they invite the Soldiers over for brunch?


Welcome to my Humble Abode” – aye, we all know this abode is not humble!

“Being Pirates” Animated Series

Join Longsocks, Flint and the Captain in a swashbuckling comedy adventure series brought to you via gorgeous stop-motion animation.

“Aye Rock” is featured prominently in the episode, “Battle at Sea” which you can watch right here:

And if that entertains you, subscribe to the VaneStream’s YouTube channel and stay updated when new episodes become available! You’d be a fool not to!

About the Builder…

VaneStream is a regular contributor to the LEGO Pirates and Pirate MOCs forums. Well, maybe not that regular considering animating fantastic brickfilms requires much time and patience.  But he also shares a lot of good content via his Instagram account and Flickr, so treat yourself to more of his creative genius because his photo and video editing skills are superb!

“No Worse Enemy, No Better Friend” by CapOnBOBS

Monday, August 30th, 2021 Render of "No Worse Enemy, No Better Friend" by CapOnBOBS

CapOnBOBS just keeps building! BOBing and building is what he does the whole day long… not with a mountain of LEGO bricks, but with the power of digital technology! In other words, here’s another of his Computer Aided LEGO Designs.

This time he’s assisted the blue coat Soldiers in constructing a nifty building for their embassy in Oleander, and they’ve spared no expense – it’s even adorned with gold. Spoils of war no doubt, because that crown from Pirates Perilous Pitfall was bound to fall out of the hands of the Imperial Armada eventually.

So dive into the Brethren of the Brick Seas forum for more thrilling builds or read on to learn the story behind “No Worse Enemy, No Better Friend”

The Story

It was a long and complicated road that led to war between the Crown of Oleon and Arch Duke Oldis, but when Ultima Ratio Regum (Historic note: “The Last Argument of Kings:” cast on every cannon forged during Louis XIV’s reign) is called for, then there is no worse an enemy than the forces of Oleon. The destruction of King’s Port has demonstrated this plainly enough to the inhabitants of the Brick Seas.

TVConsulateBut… once the final shot has been fired, and the peace signed, there is also no greater friendship than to be a friend of the Kingdom of Light. Now, it is time to demonstrate this fact to the Arch Duke and the whole of the Brick Seas as well. This is why recently promoted Colonel (COL) Edward Beauchamp and the Garde de Grenadiers du 1er Régiment (1st Regt Grenadier Guards) immediately transitioned to humanitarian assistance and then the reconstruction of the Arch Duke’s Capital when the Peace Treaty was finalized.


With the help of the young Colonel, the Crown’s representatives selected a moderately sized plot in the center of King’s Port’s governmental quarter as the site for an embassy.

As a memorial to the brave soldiers and ferocious fighting on both sides, the Oleander Architects preserved the pockmarked remnants of the plot and incorporated the ruins into the new embassy.

TVConsulate_3Though, as a representative of the Kingdom of Light, the structure must still demonstrate the piety and majesty of Oleon.

TVConsulate_3_8A public drinking fountain on the pristine side of the new embassy allowing the King to provide a drink to any who are thirsty.

TVConsulate_3_6The balcony in the back of the building provides an appropriately grand forum for discussing how the Oleon can improve relations with their new neighbors and to promote healing, peace, and cooperation with the Arch Duke’s new government.

TVConsulate_3_2As the candle lights reflect off the gold of the chandelier, a representative from Oldis’ military HQ, the Charge d’affaires, the recently appointed Ambassador Renee Durey, and COL Beauchamp discuss the final details of the security agreement for the new embassy.

TVConsulate_3_5A small garrison of consular troops will protect the actual facility and Oldis’ own forces will take the Oleander Embassy into their security responsibilities as with the rest of the Government Quarter, but without access onto the grounds. This pledge from the forces of Oldis to protect, with their lives and honor, this mission which Oldis has recognized as enjoying the rights of sovereign Oleander territory, is, in itself, a great leap forward for the new relationship.

TVConsulate_3_2With the security of the embassy confirmed and the affairs of the crown in King’s Port clearly now the responsibility of diplomats, and not the military, COL Beauchamp is satisfied that his troops are ready to withdraw to their quarters in Nola Mar. As he walks out of the building, leaving King’s Port for the first time since the death of COL Delange, his own promotion, knighthood, and the honor of Commanding his beloved Grenadiers, Edward looks up at Neptune, who ebbs and flows the fortunes of men as often as the changing of the tides, and wonders what the gods have next in store for him and his Regiment.


To be licensed as a medium cultural build demonstrating, and providing a headquarters for, Oleon’s support for the Arch Duke, a former enemy, now turned friend.

About the Builder…

CapOnBOBS (although elsewhere he may be known as D Capo) specializes in digital builds and most of his creations are contributions to the Brethren of the Brick Seas game in the LEGO Pirates Forum on Eurobricks. Classic-Pirates.com has also featured his past MOCs like the magnificent ship, the  “HRS Phoebe” and the “Drydock, Beauchamp Shipyard”.

However, you can view even more of his LEGO talents on Flickr if you’d prefer everything in one convenient location.

“Beauchamp Shipyard Offices, Logistics, and Administration” by CapOnBOBS

Monday, August 23rd, 2021 Featured Image for""Beauchamp Shipyard Offices, Logistics, and Administration" by CapOnBOBS

It’s crazy to see how much the Beauchamp Shipyard series has evolved, from a single shipyard to offices, to logistics and administration buildings. Can picture all those marvelous creations together? Your eyes are not about to play tricks on you because yer drunk swigging drunkard because CapOnBOBS‘ has rounded up all his creations and woven them into a layout!

Haven’t got foggiest idea what this series looks look? Check out the “Drydock, Beauchamp Shipyard”, the building that started it all!

The Story

“To be perfectly honest,” Retired Admiral Girard Beauchamp reflected outloud to nobody in particular, but knowing that all were listening intently, “when I first saw the shipbuilding need and the dire strategic risk it placed the empire in, I’d only envisioned the dock space needed to build warships worthy of his majesty’s navy. And now look at us…” he said, sweeping his arm over the balcony railing.


Everyone is working so hard here! Governor Broadside will be so proud!

“And it isn’t just the works here along the Breshaun waterfront,” he turned sharply back to the group, his speed had returned, as had the color in his face, but in truth, neither to the level they had been just months ago. “We had to build a plantation to procure masts, build a carpenter school to train the work force, every time I saw a gap, I found myself having to personally step in to fill it. Now we have a sawmill, iron mine, coal mine, rope factory. And not just building ships, we needed a drydock to repair.”

Which has all led to the need for a brain stem to control this monster. That is why we have now had to expand our administration, logistics, sales, contracts, supply, etc. into this “large commercial” build we are standing in today.


The Soldier got STUCK! Or drunk the night before and ended up in the brig.

At least from here, I have the best seat in the house for watching the ongoing construction. He turned back to the balcony and looked down into the yard where Master Shipwright Jean Benoît had cleared everyone away to personally guide the crane for the placement of a new mast.


That looks so heavy! Let’s hope it doesn’t fall on anyone’s head.

This is why Beauchamp had been so enthusiastic that Benoit join the team… he was always personally supervising the most difficult, dangerous, important, and critical elements of the build. His reward for all this was an expanded office space and the lion’s share of the first floor in the new building to meet clients, manage the yard, and keep his volumes of old ship designs.


Why is it so quiet in here? Oh, that’s right. It’s a boring library!

As for managing the most important/dangerous detail of each build, today, it was not only the placement of the mast, but a chance to watch the new heavy crane team in action. So far… so good… but the gears, levers, counterweights, and bearings that brought the machine to life represented a huge investment and risk.


He’s gettin’ the hang of it!

Meanwhile, all around him, the normal buzz of the yard continued. A shipment of coal coming into the loading docks with the guards quickly locking the gates behind them. None of this distracts Benoit from the mast hovering over his head and the precariously perched crane team.


Is the horse is clever enough to bite him on the bum follow him up the ramp!?

CapOnBOBS writes:

The yard continues to expand. This section will be licensed as a large commercial build despite even though I added the new crane.


About the Builder…

CapOnBOBS keeps on buildin’ to support the Brethren of the Brick Seas game, and all of his creations are built digitally since he was plundered by pirates and cannot afford real LEGO bricks to explore the endless of possibilities of digital LEGO bricks. Like what you see? Follow him on Flickr to see all of his MOCs!

“Trinidad Pirate Ship” by NOD

Thursday, August 19th, 2021 Featured Image for "Trinidad Pirate Ship" by NOD

When thinking of LEGO Pirates, swashbuckling adventure on the brick seas is the first thing that comes to mind, right? (If not, hang your head in shame, for you are not a true LEGO Pirates fan). Today, NOD takes us on another adventure across those brick seas with his creation, “Trinidad Pirate Ship“.  But this isn’t your usual ship with brick-built sails for NOD has gone to untimely effort of rigging them with string! Indeed, this practice is normally associated traditional fabric sails, but as you can see it opens up possibilities for brick-built sails too.


Where are the Soldiers? Are they lost at sea, or are they busy working on the shore?

NOD writes:

Class 7

My first attempt with a custom hull. I like that the hull is wider. I’m still not entirely satisfied with the side of the hull and the deck. I had to improvise a lot to make it fit somehow. It’s not bad for the first ship with a custom hull.

It is not modeled after a particular real world ship. I looked at many ships on the internet and then built my own. 24 studs. The deck is from the aft to the forward yellow railing 86 studs (included railing), at the feet of figurehead 97 studs (without figurehead). Total length 110 studs. The waterline is 80 studs. The ship has around a length to width ratio of 4 : 1. That would go well with a galleon. I have to practice a little first before I can build a galleon.


Here you can observe the rigging technique and the method used to attach the sails to the masts.

TRI 09

Also observe the custom hull technique – not prefabricated hull pieces here!


Are they shooting at unwanted guests? Or are they just practicing like usual?


Also remember this is a digital design and what implications that brings when creating convincing rigging


Aye, they’re ready to set ail! Off to another epic adventure!


Imagine seeing the ship from a helicopter a sea eagle soaring above… how cool!


With the sails and minifigs removed you can observe the rigging more clearly


But don’t worry, the crew has just gone on shore leave….


The Jolly Roger flag is present but, if only Captain Redbeard was included in the design…

About the Builder…

NOD is a regular contributor to the popular Pirate MOCs forum and Brethren of the Brick Seas forum game. He prefers to build digitally rather than with real bricks, so if you wish to venture further into NOD’s digital building techniques, check out his Flickr and Eurobricks Profile, or take a look at another of his digital pirate ship builds.

And, if you’re still eager to see even more more LEGO Pirate content from other Eurobricks members, look no further than the main LEGO Pirates forum, an epic adventure awaits there!

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