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10K Supporters have been achieved! What will the LEGO Ideas Team’s official comment be?

Well done to all those who took a moment out of their busy lives to support Piraten’s crown!  Visit the LEGO Ideas project page if you can’t believe it’s true , or continue reading this blog post for more news, images and behind the scenes commentary from Piraten.

The Official LEGO Comments

Congratulations on 10,000 supporters, The Crown – A Piece of History!

Hi Piraten ,

Congratulations on reaching the 10,000 supporter milestone! What an achievement it is!

We now officially advance this project to the Review phase.


What happens now?

This project moves from the Idea stage to the Review stage. A “LEGO Review Board” composed of designers, product managers, and other key team members will examine the idea. We’ll build concept models and determine if the concept meets our high standards for what it takes to be a LEGO product. This includes factors such as playability, safety, and fit with the LEGO brand. Every potential LEGO product goes through a process like this and must meet the same standards.


The LEGO Review Begins in May 2023

This project qualifies for the First 2023 Review, which includes projects that reach 10,000 supporters between early January 2023 and early May 2023. For more information about the LEGO review process, please see the Project Guidelines and House Rules.

The review is a thorough process and from its start, it can take several months. When finished, we make a “go/no go” decision to develop and sell a product based on The Crown – A Piece of History!

When the review is complete, we will inform you of our decision. If green-lit, this project goes into the longest phase of the project; the Development phase. During this time, LEGO model designers refine the product and develop it for release, we create the product materials (box, instructions, marketing), and get everything ready for a production run. This also takes several months.

We will post follow-up information and our decision here.

So bookmark this blog post and check back regularly for updates!

While the word treasure immediately conjures images of a simple chest bulging with gold and doubloons, talented builder Piraten decided to improve our limited imagination with his unbelievable recreation of the real treasure, the crown of King Christian V of Denmark.

With more than 7,274 supporters (at the time of writing), this unique creation is boldly making its way to become another LEGO Ideas submission with 10,000 supporters. But that will not happen miraculously by itself! We pirates fans need to make it happen, and quickly, because time is running out before this piece of art gets buried in the LEGO Ideas graveyard!

Don’t let it happen! Support this Treasure on LEGO Ideas right now!

Piraten writes:

This MOC is inspired by the Danish designer Jim Lyngvild and his book about the royal line. Based on the Christian V coronation crown which is part of the Danish crown regalia and are exhibited at Rosenborg Castle.

It is meant to be easily recognisable via the light blue globe, as well as the shape with 8 diamond-studded hangers, and of course the large blue sapphire in the front!

The crown and the book

Danmarks konger og dronninger (Danish Kings and Queens) the book which started it all

A Piece of History

The original Christian V’s Crown

The Crown of the Absolute Monarchs, was used by the kings from Christian V to Christian VIII, and was made by Paul Kurtz in Copenhagen, 1670-1671 (two good years to be a pirate)

The Crown from above

While the reign of such monarchs ended in 1849, the crown is still used during a Danish king’s castrum doloris of the deceased Kings, the last time in 1972

Close up on the cross

With gold with enamel and table-cut stones, total weight of the real crown is 2080g, whereas LEGO crown is built out of 2000 pieces and the unknown weight

The Crown and the chest

The original crown has 2 garnets and 2 sapphires, of which the largest dates back to Frederik I and was presumably a gift to his father, Christian I, from the Duke of Milan in 1474

Danish coat of arms

Since 1671, the crown has been the de facto symbol of the state power, and it forms part of the National Coat of arms of Denmark and the Royal Coat of arms

Piraten continues:

I made it because I think it could be cool with a series of jewels, jewellery and regalia. Who would not like to have their own crown?

Someone who plays princess or king with his own crown… The pirates where it is part of their hidden treasure… Or the knights returning from a crusade and have to coronate the new king… Or maybe just exhibited on a shelf in the study-room.

The Crown at LEGOLAND Billund

At present, Piraten’s prized MOC is on display in the Holy Land of ABS, Billund, Denmark

The Crowns home at the Rosenborg Castle

The real Crown safely resides at the renaissance Rosenborg Castle, in Copenhagen… but only until Piraten reaches his 10K mark on LEGO Ideas, for on that day, the old will give way to the new

The treasure royal guard

Another Piraten creation, the Soldier, who keeps an eye on the Crown and The Pirateboi

The Caswell Point treasure

The Piraten treasure, contains approximately 4000 pieces and one 3D printed goblet

Unbelievable truth or a cheap lie, but the rumour has it the entire treasure horde was stolen by pirates and later found inside the cave that lies under an Imperial Guard trading outpost, known better as Caswell Point. Be sure to immerse yourself in that intriguing tale to learn of the fort’s secrets.

LEGO 6281 Pirates Perilious Pitfall Boulder Trap

The first and last time we saw a crown in an official LEGO Pirate Set

Or maybe it’s the same crown seen in 6281 Pirates Perilous Pitfall that Don Diego de LEGO once attempted to lay his grubby mitts upon – if only he could get past that damn boulder trap!

Not Familiar with LEGO Ideas?

LEGO Ideas is a platform that allows aspiring builders to submit creations with objective of becoming official LEGO sets – the kind you can buy… and then build yourself!  The designers receive 1% commission on sales of their creation and ten free LEGO sets from those currently in production. But to be a contender for official set status, each idea must garner 10,000 supporters within a limited timeframe.

This is where YOU are needed! Visit the project submission webpage and click the Support Button to pledge your support!

Piraten concludes:

I really enjoyed building it and also think that most LEGO collectors would enjoy building something as special as a crown.

There is not much to say more. It just needs to be enjoyed.

So there you have it and, before we jump over to the About the Builder section, let’s enjoy The Crown in this well produced promotional video as it seems that those pirate builders either have a high marketing budget, or are truly talented on on every imaginable creative field.

About the Builder…

Danish designer, Piraten (Brian Steffensen Vestergaard), is one of those builders who gives his MOCs a whole new level of amazing! If you are not familiar with his brilliance you can find him on various platforms upon he regularly shares brilliant ideas:

If you are seeking well preserved classic pirate sets, then visit Piraten Shop on BrickLink and claim buy the sets you’ve always desired, but never had… because you were a poor kid when they were originally released. He ships worldwide – but not in a pirate ship!

Piraten is also a member of the LEGO Ideas rejected 10K Club, where he underwent a torture session an interview and answered many interesting questions regarding his passion.

What Do You Think?

Before we part ways, share your thoughts on The Crown would it make a worthy addition to your LEGO Pirate collection? Do you secretly harbour a desire enact the role of the King or the Princess? Do you think your wicked wench significant other would approve this set in the living room?

Do tell… it’s as easy as clicking the shiny red button bellow, or following this link to the LEGO Pirates forum!

And for those with long memories, ye may recall Jintaiz previously blogged this MOC so be sure to read that post as well..


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