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Photo of "The Treasure is at the Bottom" by Pantelis
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“The Treasure is at the Bottom” by Pantelis

With the release of the new Barracuda Bay we have seen a lot of takes on customizing the ship. Pantelis took another approach to customizing this nice set by building it a beautiful display base!

But wait there’s more! No only is this base beautiful it’s functional as it’s built on the IKEA boxes.  Be sure to check this one out out today!

Pantelis writes:

Hi to all pirate mates..this days I buy the 3 new LEGO – Ikea boxes.. I think this boxes are very intresting and gives to me a lot of inspiration for build.

I look the big box and then i see my barracuda bay ship..and i say ok now i will make a base – display for this and put it to my desk..So this is the result I hope all mates enjoy and take some ideas with the use of LEGO – Ikea boxes!!!






21322 Pirates of Barracuda Bay LEGO set

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