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Featured Image for “Return to Forbidden Island” by Cube Brick

“Return to Forbidden Island” by Cube Brick

Have you ever been to Forbidden Island? If your love for LEGO Pirate began a few decades ago, then chances are, yes, you have been there numerous times.  After all, 6270 Forbidden Island is a classic set, but what’s happened on the island during the past 30 years?

The Indigo Islanders have taken over! Why do you think Captain Redbeard relocated to Barracuda Bay? It’s because the Islanders mean business! Any pirate caught lurking on Forbidden Island will receive a free chest massage… with the sacrificial blade!

Cube Brick MOC demonstrates the Islanders all new temple of doom visitors centre which he has shared in the LEGO Pirate MOC subforum!

Cube Brick writes…

After 2 years being in the game, I decided to remaster one of my first vignettes I did, after my dark ages.

Return to Forbidden Island

Return to Forbidden Island

Return to Forbidden Island

Return to Forbidden Island

About the Builder…

Cube Brick is a versatile MOC builder who explores a variety of themes. You can observe his first (and more pirate friendly) interpretation of Forbidden Island and admire the broader range of his skills by following his Flickr stream.

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