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“Baby Kraken Attack” by Josh

Imagine you’re cast adrift on the open sea…  No land for miles… no ships in sight… no water, well, no drinkable water at least…. only a parrot for food. Oh wait!  He’s your interpreter. Never mind!

All of a sudden, a slimey, pale green tendril shoots from the water and winds itself around your flimsy makeshift raft… and then another rubbery appendage follows suit… and then another!  And another!

You quiver in fear!  What has it’s grasp upon my precarious means of survival? Is it a family of sea serpents? The mighty Cthulhu rising from the depths?

No!  It’s a kraken! One of those killer calamaris is attackin’!

But then you notice it’s a trifle small for a mythological meanie which is usually quite large and menacing.

“HA!” you laugh whimsically, “What harm can this cute little cephalopod possibly do?”

Your shipmate, whom we’ve neglected to mention until now, peers over the edge, hoping to spy a better glimpse of the beastie.

“I bet this octopus would taste much better than the parrot” he laughs back.

Sheer bloody-minded arrogance that was! In two shakes of a mermaid’s tale, a tentacle spindles around shipmate’s right leg and wrenches him into the deep!  Splash! Within seconds he vanishes into the murky void, leaving only his tricorn hat floating upon the surface.

“Ehhhh! So he’ll swim back up, aye?” you ponder perplexed.

Josh writes:

Thanks for viewing!

Well, that’s short and sweet, but what Josh has to say about his creation is now complete!

What happens next?

Well folks, we don’t know! Josh only provided one image, so the fate of the surviving crew member is left to your imagination.  Maybe the Imperial Guards sail by and Admiral Woodhouse throws him a life preserver.

About the Builder…

We stumbled upon Josh‘s fascinating little vignette in the Classic Pirates Flickr Group, but beyond that, we know nothing of the lad, other than he has some fine building skills!  You can bare witness to more of these marvels on his Flickr profile.

And you know the drill, head to the LEGO Pirates Forum for more great Pirate MOCs and LEGO Pirate discussions!

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