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“Imperial Ship” by Knight 40k

The Imperial Guard’s fleet is forever growing with new vessels being launched every time some AFOL feels inspired to bolster their forces.

This time it’s Knight 40k who has made Admiral Woodhouse proud by building a ship in their signature colours, which consists mainly of red and white. Rather like a candy cane or barbershop pole, actually. Probably not great for camouflaging into the horizon but the scheme is definitely on brand!

Also, this ship seams to attract a very diverse ray of hungry sharks, so if a poor sailor was to plunge overboard, his chances of getting back on deck are severely limited. Or completely severed .  Ha ha! Get it? (No? T’was a terrible pun anyway.

The Broadside of the Imperial Ship with cannons

If it weren’t for all those cannons this ship would be as menacing as Santa’s sleigh

Knight 40K writes:

This is my newly rebuilt Imperial Redcoat Flagship, I will let the images speak for themselves. If you would like to see how it used to look, click here. I am quite happy with the changes and how it turned out, I would never have thought hull color made such a difference in a ships appearance.
Thanks for looking, I hope you enjoy it!

Starboard side of the Imperial Ship

The hatches are battened on this side and the ship does perhaps look most robust than Santa’s sleigh

Deck of the Imperial Ship with capstan and anchor

The crew mills about the capstan

Deck of the Imperial Ship with cannons

Man the torpedoes! Uhhh… the cannons

Deck of the Imperial Ship with Admiral and Daughter

Is that the Admiral and his daughter? Or maybe it’s his wife. You never know these days.

Stern of the Imperial Ship

Looking down you can see this ship is well crewed

Inside the Captain's Cabin of the Imperial Ship

Inside the Captain’s Cabin: Charts, navigation equipment and the originality sherry vessel

A close-up of the maps and equipment in the Captain's Cabin

Everything a good captain needs to plot a course to intercept pirates

Stern of the Imperial Ship

The stern is like a mighty Pegasus

Dighy on back of Imperial Ship

The jolly boat is ready for shore missions

Stern of the Imperial Ship from the Port side

The stern from the port side

Port side of the Imperial Ship

Count all the Imperial Guards – how many are there on deck?

Mermaid Figurehead of the Imperial Ship

The figurehead be a mermaid baring cross cutlasses!

Spinnaker mast of the Imperial Ship

Look closely at the details

The Imperial Guard in the Crowsnest

Nice view from the crowsnest!

Imperial Ship Capstan and Jacob Ladder

Looking through the Jacob Ladder

Imperial Ship split into compontents

This ship is kind of modular

Imperial Ship Gangaways and cannons

Here we get a closer look at the cannons

About the Builder…

Knight 40k has posted a couple of ships in the Pirate MOC Subforum in the past but little is known about this builder. We don’t have any social media or website links to share but we assume the name originates from the game Warhammer 40k. In fact, that game has a faction called “Imperial Knights” so perhaps they’re descendants of the Imperial Guards. Or maybe this is merely coincidental.

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