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Featured Image for "Pirate Sea Battle - The Barracuda Heist" by Hamster Productions

“Pirate Sea Battle – Barracuda Heist” by Hamster Productions

Pirates have roamed seas for as long as we may remember ourselves. Most notable of them all has to be Captain Blackbeard and his crew Captain Redbeard, who for a time being was absent until making a comeback in 2020’s Pirates of Barracuda Bay! Newest brick film by Hamster Productions shows us what has happened to Redbeard, it is entitled as “Pirate Sea Battle – Barracuda Heist”. xxx

El Ladrillo Harbour main shot

El Ladrillo Harbour sure seems like a lovely town, hopefully it has a pirate lovely pub too!

This is a once again well-crafted story by Hamster Productions, older fans of his brickfilms may notice few recurring characters from other works, I won’t list them, for ye have to find them yerself.

Tattooga on his sail boat

Look at this sailor! Why would anyone even think that he could be up to no good?

Jose's Inn sign in El Ladrillo Harbour

Now, why does this particular pub inn look familiar?

Tattooga having a drink in the tavern

That goblet of rum apple juice surely looks lovely, I bet it tastes good too!

Crew of Black Seas Barracuda imprisoned

Be that Captain Redbeard and his crew? And be they imprisoned? What an outrage! Surely there must be someone out there coming to rescue them, right?

Tattooga reveals himself and his tattoos

Mysterious sailor reveals himself to be Tattooga! And it seems he has come to rescue Captain Redbeard, whom he has stayed loyal to!

Hamster Productions writes:

A lone sailor enters an occupied harbour in the heart of the Caribbean. Can he rescue his friends?

That be indeed a good question – can he rescue his friends? I would not be so sure, ever since El Ladrillo Harbour is full of Imperial Guards, but this rescue mission could be worth a try. After rescuing Captain Redbeard and the crew, they all need better means of transportation than a small boat, that is where Black Seas Barracuda comes in.

A view, overlooking Black Seas Barracuda

The main prize of the whole rescue mission – Black Seas Barracuda. Magnificent, as always, only dry-docked in the wrong harbour!

Inspection of vessel's renovation

It seems that Baron von Barron has made his way yet again in LEGO Pirates universe! This time he has made his way high in the ranks of Imperial Guards, at the moment, he is inspecting the vessel

Invasion of Black Seas Barracuda

Baron’s career is short-lived, Captain Redbeard with the crew has come to take back their vessel

Captain Redbeard at the helm

Now Captain Redbeard may stand on poop deck once again

What is a brickfilm?

Brickfilm is a film made using LEGO bricks, it is usually created through stop motion, which consists of combining multiple photographs to make an object move in the said photographies. In this case, a LEGO minifigure is taken multiple photographs of, in order to walk, fight, visit pirate pub drink and do other activities. Now, mind ye, making a brickfilm takes some time, especially if ye want it to be of high quality. Think how long it must have taken for Hamster Productions to make this magnificent film.

Black Seas Barracuda raises the Jolly Roger

At last, Black Seas Barracuda flies the Jolly Roger again!

Imperial Officer resting on a deck

Governor has caught wind of what is happening but it seems that an Officer has not!

Overview of both vessels

A battle is brewing ‘tween pirates and Imperial Guards!

Both sides firing their broadsides

This can’t end well for at least one of the sides!

Imperial's ship crashes into watchtower

How on Earth did that happen? Ye wouldn’t expect me to tell ye, would you?

Black Seas Barracuda breaks through the shipwreck

How I love the sound of a ship breaking in half in the morning!

Ending of the brickfilm

And that is how it ends, for better details of how did we get to such point, ye have to watch this brickfilm yerself!

About the Builder…

If ye have watched brickfilms on YouTube, then there is a possibility that ye stumbled upon Hamster Productions, also known as Joshua Chawner. His brickfilms are well-known and as many have described, specifically his Police Chase Part 3 invokes nostalgic memories among the audience. His 2019 LEGO brickfilm The World’s ‘Coolest’ LEGO Set has won many International Science Film Festival nominations. All of Hamster Productions‘ amazing brickfilms can be found on his YouTube channel. Be sure to check it yerself and perhaps even subscribe for more great future content.


Be sure to head down to LEGO Pirates Forum on Eurobricks and see the advertising topic created for this film. And if ye want to see more Pirate-related content, have a look in the Pirate MOCs subforum, I can guarantee that ye won’t regret it!


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