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“HMS Unsinkable II” by VaneStream

Another exciting LEGO ship has docked at the Pirate MOCs forum!  But the HMS Unsinkable II is not just a MOC build, it also includes a stop animated video titled “Being Pirates: Battle at Sea” to provide some insight into the challenges faced by Soldiers when dealing with LEGO Pirates (even if they claim otherwise).  So if you’ve never heard of “flying the Jolly Roger ironically” you better watch the video right now!

VaneStream writes:

I present the Unsinkable II, a 40-gun imperial ship of the line.

After the terrific Barracuda Bay got me back into buying LEGO for myself again and led me down a LEGO-nostalgia rabbit hole I decided to get all the LEGO from my childhood out of my parent’s basement, sorted it and started building again. I wanted an imperial ship as an antagonist to the Black Seas Barracuda, so I built this ship of the line, using mainly parts from the 90s and early 2000s. It’s not built on prefab hull pieces, instead the hull is completely brick-built.

The Unsinkable II is not modeled on any specific ship, but I did use the HMS Victory, the HMS Vanguard and the HMS Melville as references.

The Unsinkable II and Barracuda Bay then inspired me to resurrect another old hobby: making stop-motion animation. Watch the Unsinkable II and Shippy McShipface (Black Seas Barracuda) battle it out in this new episode of Being Pirates:






For more pictures, visit the Flickr album.

About the Builder…

VaneStream is a regular contributor on both Eurobricks and YouTube. You can see more of his fantastic brick films on his YouTube Channel or more piratical photos in his Flickr stream or Instagram.


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