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BoBS ERA III: Challenge 1 – Vote for the WINNERS

It be time to vote for the WINNERS of the ERA III: Challenge 1!

You have until 15 April, 2024 to cast yer vote so DON’T delay!

Be sure to read the rules so you know exactly what to do!

And then continue reading this Blog Post for an overview of the entries…

How to Vote

You’ll require a Eurobricks account registered prior to February 2024 to eligible for voting in Challenge 1.

Those who’ve missed the boat for that deadline, register an account NOW so if you’re eligible for voting in Challenges 2 and 3..

Voting in Challenge 1

Cast your vote in the LEGO Pirates forum, not a ballot box!

  1. First, familiarize yourself the entries if you haven’t already done so – they’re all pictured in this blog post below
  2. Simply post the names of your two most favourite entries for each category in the Voting topic (so that’s a total of 4 entries).For example:

    Cat A:

    1st: “Entry name” by Builder Name

    2nd: “Entry name” by Builder Name

    Cat B:

    1st: “Entry name” by Builder Name

    2nd: “Entry name” by Builder Name

Voting will take place between Monday 8 and 15 April, 2024

The Entries

Category A

"Storm Chasers" by Bricksbypidy

Have you seen that movie named “Twister?” Well this is the LEGO Pirate version

Storm Chasers” by Bricksbypidy | Corrington

"Sailing New Haven Sea" by NOD

What she lacks in size she makes up for in guns

Sailing to the New Haven Sea” by NOD | Sea Rats

"Somethings Cooking" ProfessorThaum

Breakfast on the high seas

Something’s Cooking!” by Professor Thaum | Sea Rats

"Finis Dierum" by Keymonus

“We’re from the government and we’re here to help!”

Finis Dierum” by Keymonus | Oleonda

"Strange Weather" by LM71Blackbird

This is the local weather bureau

Strange Weather” by LM71Blackbird | Corrington

"Ironhook the Third and Sharktooth Tower" by MightyThorngren

Apparently Ironhook had kids… and then they had kids…

Ironhook the Third and Sharktooth Tower” by MightyThorngren |

"Sunken Ship" by LCM Picture

We have a kraken attackin’!

Sunken Ship” by LCM Picture | Corrington

"Something Smells Fishy" by SevenDeadlyStreamers

Nothing like the fresh smell of fish in the morning!

Something Smells Fishy” by SevenDeadlyStreamers | Sea Rats

"The Enchanted Forests of Avestia" by Brickwolf

If you eat the transcluent blue mushrooms these be the colours in which you’ll experience life

The Enchanted Forests of Avestia” by Brickwolf | Corrington

Category B

"The Orders" Orders by Professor Thaum

The dolphin is named Oum and the seagulls’ names are Jonathan and Francis

The Orders” by Professor Thaum | Sea Rats

"The Questers" by Professor Thaum

The Indigo Islanders have taken to this colour quite literally these days

The Questers” by Professor Thaum | Sea Rats

"New Adventure" by Professor Thaum

The minifig what looks like Dilbert is Doctor Thaum

A New Adventure” by Professor Thaum | Sea Rats

"Conclusion" by Fraunces

The next chapter in both “The Fraunces Brothers Story” and ” The Cocovian Job” storylines

The Conclusion” by Fraunces | Sea Rats

"Butchers Cat" by Bregir

Pirates will be pirates – burying treasure on a a desert island…

Something About the Butcher’s Cat” by Bregir | Sea Rats

What Do Yer Think?

Which Challenge I entries do yer like best? Any contenders for winners?

Cast your vote in the Brethren of the Brick Seas Forum because the April 15 deadline is LOOMING like a kraken’s tentacle!  YARRR!


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