Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates of the Caribbean

LAST Weekend to VOTE


This is your last weekend to vote for the Pirates of the Caribbean Contest Winners!

Voting officially closes at 11:59PM/23:59 UTC±0 on July 31st 2011.

And if you’ve entered, you’re insane not to vote because you can allocate upto 2 points to your own entry! That could give you a winning advantage!


Vote the MOC Forum Division Winner (Building Contest)

Vote for the Mailing List Division Winner (Story Contest)

Bonus Points

Pirates of the Caribbean Contet - Voting

Jut remember claiming Bonus Points is a 2 Step process.  Some people have only completed one of two the steps and if this is not corrected by close of voting, ALL their points will be invalidated.

To learn more read the Bonus Points thread in the LEGO Pirates Forum.

Get Voting RIGHT NOW!

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