Treasure count – the results so far…

Gold LEGO coins of our user Stash2Sixx

Stash2Sixx - our wealthiest member so far...

Many of us, the fans of LEGO Pirates, have those gold coins that are included in many Pirate sets. They come in values of 10, 20, 30 and 40. Have you ever tried adding all of your coins up, like real money, to find out how rich you are?

Some Classic-Pirates.com users have already done so, and it turns out that our richest member so far is Stash2Sixx, who has a total amount of 23 360 in gold! He even posted a picture of his treasure.

Do you want to show us your gold coins? Or perhaps you have even more coins than this? Or do you want to see the full list of our wealthiest users so far?

Join us in Treasure Count discussion in the forum!

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