Subscribe to RSS Feeds using Feedreader


Subscribe to RSS Feeds using Feedreader

This tutorial provides illustrated step by step instructions for subscribing to RSS Feeds using Feedreader.


The tutorial assumes you have installed a working copy of Feedreader version 3 or above.  If you have not installed Feedreader, please visit the official Feedreader website for further instructions.

What is Feedreader?

Feedreader is a desktop RSS Reader which enables you to access RSS Feeds.  It can be launched when Windows first loads and sits in your System Tray for convenient access.

Step 1

Launch Feedreader then move your mouse over to the Dropdown Menus.

Subscribe to the RSS Feed using Feedreader Step 1

Select File -> New -> Feed OR press the F3 button.

Step 2

The Add Feed Input Box will appear.

Enter into the Add Feed Input Box and click the Ok Button.

Wait for a moment while Feedreader downloads the RSS Feed.

Step 3

A list of News Items will appear in the Middle Pane.

Subscribe to the RSS Feed using Feedreader Step 3

Click on the News Item Titles and the complete News Item will appear in the Right Pane.

Step 4

You can Minimise Feedreader to the System Tray by closing it.

Go to File -> Exit OR click the  X button in the top right corner of the Feedreader Window and a dialogue box will appear.

Ensure the Remember my decision Checkbox is checked then click the Minimize to tray button.


Every time the frontpage is updated the Feedreader will be  updated simultaneously and a notification will appear in the bottom right corner of your screen.

Subscribe to the RSS Feed using Feedreader Finish

To access Feedreader at any time click on the three-dimension cube icon in the System Tray.

Problems?  Questions?

Never fear!  We’re here to help!  Discuss the News Feed in the LEGO Pirates Forum.  Let us know if you’re having trouble or using a program we haven’t got a tutorial for.

Other RSS Readers?

To see our complete list of RSS Reader Tutorials visit the Wonders of RSS page.

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