Subscribe to RSS Feeds using Facebook


Subscribe to RSS Feeds using Facebook

This tutorial provides illustrated step by step instructions for subscribing to RSS Feeds using Facebook.


The tutorial assumes you have registered a Facebook account.  If you don’t have a Facebook account please visit for further instructions.

What is Facebook?

Facebook is a Social Networking website that enables people from all over the world to interact.  It has many tools to allow this interaction, one of those being the ability to publish RSS Feeds straight to user profiles.

Step 1

Visit Facebook and view your Profile.  Above the Update Status Input Box is a Dropdown Menu triggered by clicking upon the purple triangle which faces downwards.

Subscribe to the News Feed using Facebook Step 1

From the Dropdown Menu select Import.

Step 2

The Update Status Input Box will be replaced with Import Options.

Click on Blog/RSS.

Step 3

Enter into the Public URL Input Box and click the Import Button.

Subscribe to the News Feed using Facebook Step 4

Facebook will process the RSS Feed and once complete it will display the above information.


Now, every time the frontpage is updated a snippet of information will appear on the subscribers Facebook profile.

Problems?  Questions?

Never fear!  We’re here to help!  Discuss the News Feed in the LEGO Pirates Forum.  Let us know if you’re having trouble or using a program we haven’t got a tutorial for.

Other RSS Readers?

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