Subscribe to RSS Feeds using Firefox


Subscribe to RSS Feeds using Firefox

This tutorial provides illustrated step by step instructions for subscribing to RSS Feeds using FireFox.


The tutorial assumes you have installed a working copy of FireFox version 2 or above.  If you have not installed FireFox, please visit the official FireFox website for further instructions.

Step 1 RSS News Feed Logo

Navigate to the website and click upon the RSS button (as pictured above).


Enter into the Address Bar of your FireFox browser. Clicking on the link should open it in a new Browser Tab.

Step 2

In the webpage which loads you should see the following:

Subscribe to RSS Feeds using FireFox Step 2a

Click upon the Subscribe Now button.

Step 3a

A dialogue box will appear:

Subscribe to RSS Feed Step 3a

This dialogue box allows you to choose whether you want to add the RSS Feed to the Bookmarks Toolbar which by default runs horizontally beneath the Navigation Toolbar.

Click the Add button.

Step 4a

The Feed will now appear as a Dropdown Menu in the Bookmarks Toolbar.

Subscribe to the RSS Feed Step 4a


If your Bookmarks Toolbar already has numerous links, the News Feed Menu will appear in the Overflow Menu.

Adding the RSS to Firefox Bookmarks Toolbar

To locate the News Feed Menu click upon the >> Button on the far right of the Bookmarks Toolbar.

Adding the News Feed to the Firefox Bookmarks Toolbar

The Overflow Menu will appear with a list of links that can’t fit into the Bookmark Toolbar.  The News Feed will most likely be placed at the bottom of the Overflow Menu.

Step 3b

Alternatively you can add the RSS Feed to the Bookmarks Pulldown Menu.

Subscribe to News Feed Step 3b

Click on the Create In Dropdown Combo Box and change the option to Bookmarks Menu or the Bookmarks Folder you want it to appear in.

Now click the Add button.

The News Feed will appear as a sub-menu in the Bookmarks Menu.


The News Feed sub-menu will probably appear at the very bottom of the Bookmarks Menu, so you may need to drag it to the desired position.


Every time the frontpage is updated, the News Feed menu will be  updated simultaneously.

Problems?  Questions?

Never fear!  We’re here to help!  Discuss the News Feed in the LEGO Pirates Forum.  Let us know if you’re having trouble or using a program we haven’t got a tutorial for.

Other RSS Readers?

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