PICTORIAL REVIEW: 1788 Treasure Chest


PICTORIAL REVIEW: 1788 Treasure Chest

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This time it is Pirates vs. Islanders!

This set isn’t very photogenic and very easily to passed off as just a collection of pieces by looking at pictures. But in real life it looks quite nice – its a good solid fort-like structure built upon the top of a rocking outcrop. It comes with a few nice little touches such as a campfire, raft with flag for a sail, a hidden treasure cave and heaps of mini-figure accessories, like a barrell, pot, cup, goblet, weapons, island drum and ceremonial staff.

Speaking of mini-figures, for a small set Treasure Chest contins a generous amount – two Islanders and two Pirates, plus there’s a crocodile to keep them on their toes. Also there’s an interesting twist, that being all other sets containing Islanders have the pirates invading them, but here its the other way round.

Although the most outstanding feature of this set, is not the design itself but its box. As far as I’m aware this is the most uniquely designed LEGO box in existence. Rather than being a traditional square shape, its in the shape of a treasure chest! So from a collector’s perspective without the box this set is nothing.

Overall this set is a pleasant surprise as its better than it looks, however it is by no means the best pirate set. A good addition to your pirate collection, but for those not interested in pirates then this set might not have great appeal.

Does anyone else have one? Even if you don’t have it (which I guess most of you don’t), what is your impression of it from viewing pictures?

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