PICTORIAL REVIEW: 6260 Shipwreck Island

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PICTORIAL REVIEW: 6260 Shipwreck Island

I remember being really excited about this set before I owned it, probably because it looked really interesting in the yearly LEGO catalogues. Problem was the price tag was creeping up near $30 of the local currency which is quite expensive for something this size, and even more expensive back in the early 90’s.

After months of chopping my grannies’ wood and watering their gardens to earn some money, the set went on sale at the local Kmart for 25% off. This was my chance to own it. So I bought one as soon as I could! Finally this set I’d been yearning for what seemed an eternity was mine!

Only problem was after I built it, the set didn’t seem that exciting…

The set comes with all the essential pieces for building a Pirate island, only problem was for its retail price it didn’t come with enough. I think this is why I was initially disappointed, I was expecting more and The LEGO Group did a wonderful job of making the smaller LEGO sets look so much bigger than they really were. Fortunately now, the set can be acquired much cheaper from eBay and my budget has vastly increased so that initial disappointment has long faded. Now I can look at this set for what it really is!

The design looks cohesive, not a “hotch potch” throw-together like its mid 90’s counterpart, 6296 Shipwrecked. Everything is well balanced and the set is a marvellous depiction of two shipwrecked survivors who’ve built a small shelter with what little they could muster. Still, all these years later I feel the need to reiterate its a bit on the small side.

Probably the most alluring aspect of Shipwreck Island is the attention to detail – there’s a cannon complete with cannon balls, a palm tree, a flag, a palm tree, some leaves, treasure chest with treasure, even a tub with an oar to assist one of the pirates in seeking help. There is also plenty of mini-figure weaponary and ample fauna for the size of the island.

Shipwreck Island is definitely a good set for parts and if you were MOCing with 6270 Forbidden Island the pieces might prove useful. However, Shipwreck Island by itself would seem to have limited MOCing possibilities even if more than one was used the problem would persist due to lack of substantial building elements.

As a set Shipwreck Island would make a charming addition to your collection, it has a nice design and plenty of accessories to keep thing interesting. I’d give it a 2.5 out of 5, but this rating system forces me to round up to 3.

And now it’s your turn! Rate 6260 – Shipwreck Island (not the review) in the Pirates forum, and then leave some comments!

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