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BigFig Redbeard by countblockula

BigFig Redbeard by countblockula

BigFigs aren't something we see every day - check it out!

From a Flickr search, this BigFig Captain Redbeard has turned up! It is not only wonderful to look at, it also is packed with functions like these:

  • Head can rotate
  • Face / hairpiece can be customized
  • Arms are connected with Technic axles to prevent “drooping” when holding objects
  • Hands can rotate
  • Torso and hip-piece fronts and backs can be customized
  • Legs are connected using Technic rotating / ratcheting click hinges, allowing for some rotation backward and full 90 degree rotation forward (into the seated position)
  • Head, arms, hands, hips and legs all separate in the same places that a regular-sized minifig’s do
  • The rear and bottoms of the legs have “holes” built into them to resemble those on the legs of a regular-sized minifig and are spaced so as to fit onto “studs” built 2×2 and spaced 2 studs apart from one another

This is a great MOC full of pleasing details, features and suprises.

Check it out in the Pirate forum!

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