PTV ENTRY: Davy Blocks – Run! (small division)

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Davy Blocks - Run!

Captain Red Eye was once a very strict Captain. What happened to Red Eye, you ask? Well Sit back and Enjoy this Tale.

Long Ago Captain Red Eye Ruled The Sea With an Iron Hook. Pillaging and Plundering with his Crewman.
But on one Stormy night, Captain Red Eye tempted death…

He went searching for The Flying Dutchman. His Crew tried to get him to turn back, his course was set. As everyone prepared for battle with The Flying Dutchman, Captain Red Eye’s watchman spotted something in the distance. It was a ship, It looked green and seemed to glow with evil.

Captain Red Eye knew this ship to be, The Flying Dutchman. He quickly Yelled “GET READY FOR BATTLE!”. The crew knew what Captain Red Eye was talking about. so they quickly ran to the cannons and Loaded them for battle.

The captain of The flying Dutchman saw the ship headed straight for him. he knew what was going to happen. He yelled at his crew to prepare for battle. when Captain Red Eyes ship was within Cannon range, They began to open fire.

The Flying Dutchman’s crew was not afraid. They fired their cannons and knocked down Captain Red Eye’s Masts. Captain Red Eye was Getting a bit scared now. As the battle raged on, the only remaining ship was…. The Flying Dutchman. Captain Red Eye was Defeated.

As their Ship sank Red Eye Swam To a small island. It was then he know he could never be a captain again. He searched the island and found a small village. There was a young lad leaning against a tree. Captain Red Eye took the lad’s bandanna off of his head and carefully sat his Captains hat on top the lad’s Head and went on.

He stumbled upon a tailoring shop, There he traded his captains clothes in for a sleeveless shirt. when he came out the door. there was a lady about his age. He drew his sword and chased her down the beach with Some Dirty intentions.

And that was how Captain Red Eye, lost his Captain Rank.

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