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“Peter Pan and Captain Hook” by Angela Chung

Occasionally, the Classic Pirates venture from the comfort of the LEGO Pirates Forum to explore uncharted waters… so this time we’re visiting Neverland, home port of Peter Pan and Captain Hook.

Angela Chung has made good use of 71012 Minifigures The Disney Series to build this nifty vignette, which depicts a duel between the two characters while a hungry crocodile hopes Captain Hook drops by for lunch.

Angela writes:

Peter Pan and Captain Hook are fighting, crocodile awaiting for food, as in the Peter Pan show

Which Peter Pan “show” we may never know, but those familiar with the fiction will be aware the crocodile has a taste for Hook’s flesh ever since Pan amputated his hand.  This is a kid’s story, by the way!

Bow of ship with front view of sail with Jolly Roger

Spinoza looks like he’s about to tumble out of the crows nest

Duel on stern of the ship

WAIT A MINUTE! What was Captain Hook’s name before he lost his hand?

Crocodile tring to bite Captain Hook

Just a hungry croc who admires Pan’s handiwork…


So what was Hook’s name originally?

It’s no secret his first name is “James”, perhaps a play on explorer “James Cook”, but what was his surname before the hook?

According to Peter Pan author and creator, J. M. Barrie:

Hook was not his true name. To reveal who he really was would even at this date, set the country in a blaze.

That statement was made well over a hundred years ago and Barrie has long since departed without divulging further, but that hasn’t deterred others from taking stabs at naming him.  In the television series “Once Upon a Time” Hook’s real name was “Killian Jones” – surely not a play on adventurer “Indiana Jones“? Well, it’s definitely not Captain Redbeard!

Part of a larger Picture…

Angela didn’t stop with Peter Pan, she’s also built vignettes based on other minifigs in the series, including; Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty, Donald and Daisy Duck, and Mr Incredible and Syndrome form The Incredibles.

And then she’s compiled them into one colourful diorama…

A Display of LEGO Disney MOCs

Top Bottom, left to right: Peter Pan, Mickey Minnie, Maleficent, Donald Daisy, Incredibles

Now if only there were some Imperial Guards from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise…

When asked if she’d built vignettes for every Disney Minifigure, Angela replied:

Yes, have built 10 vignettes for 18 minifigures 🙂
They are mostly a scene from Disney movie.
Glad that you enjoyed 😉

Spot the minifigures used:

LEGO 71012 Minifigures Disney Series

LEGO 71012 Minifigures Disney Series – licensing is bringing useful new parts for our Pirate MOCs

Uh oh! Looks like Ariel and Ursula have missed out on featuring in a vignette… well, at least for now.  But do you want to change that?

About the Builder…

Angela Chung was unknown to the Classic Pirates until we stumbled across her vignette on Pinterest. To our utter delight, we discovered she builds regularly, and shares updates to a Flickr account full of colourful creations.

And if ye feel inclined to discuss Peter Pan, Captain Hook or the hungry crocodile further, sail by the LEGO Pirates Forum


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