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Featured Image for “Captain Sabertooth” by Lego Fjotten

“Captain Sabertooth” by Lego Fjotten

Have ye heard of the legendary Captain Sabertooth?

Accompanied by an orphan boy known as “Pinky“, Sabertooth embarked on an exciting, but dangerous quest to the kingdom of Lama Rama in the hunt for a prized treasure… and to discover the identity of Pinky’s father… so he didn’t have to put up with the brat forever!

Legofjotten writes:

This is another detail shot of our Captain Sabretooth (Kaptein Sabeltann) layout currently on display at Kristiansand Zoo in Norway.

Who is Captain Sabertooth?

Captain Sabertooth leads a pirate crew sailing aboard “The Dark Lady” (Den Sorte Dame) and boasts an impregnable fortress. You may also have the privilege of a quick look inside his cabin.

Captain Sabertooth on Fort

He has neither a saber or teeth

Captain Sabertooth (or Kaptein Sabeltann) is a long running Norwegian franchise focused upon the adventures of the eponymous pirate. Originally created and portrayed by Norwegian performer and artist, Terje Formoe it encompasses a variety of media aimed towards children.

Debuting as a series of stage plays in the early 90’s, Sabertooth’s success lead to various theatrical films that achieved highly popular in Norway.

About the Builder…

Lego Fjotten (Lars Barstad) is a talented builder whom has triumphed in a string of LEGO Ideas contents… but hasn’t (yet) submitted an idea with the aim of achieving 10,000 supporters.

He has some nifty builds upon Flickr and Instagram so follow him to witness more fantastic pirate creations and keep aloft his latest postings.

And now you shall go to the LEGO Pirates Forum and cheer the adventures of great pirate captains!

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