Flying Dutchman CUUSOO by Sebeus Iniwum

LEGO Pirate CUUSOO Flying Dutchman Sebeus Iniwum

Can WE taste the triple guns?

LEGO has released a version of the Black Pearl and the Queen Anne’s Revenge but no Flying Dutchman.  With LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean™ seemingly on its way out, it appears we may never get a Flying Dutchman and there is nothing we can do about that.  Or is there?  Not long ago Eurobricks’ member Sebeus Iniwum showed off his version of the Flying Dutchman and now his project is on CUUSOO.  If you have not heard about CUUSOO, it is a site where LEGO fans can post their ideas.  If an idea gets 10,000 supporters it will be reviewed by LEGO for a chance to become an official LEGO product!  If you want a Flying Dutchman, support his project on CUUSOO.

Go vote on CUUSOO and be sure to discuss the Flying Dutchman or the status of LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean in the forum now.

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