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“HMS Amelia” by Boeing 787 8 Dreamliner

Your favourite aircraft, Boeing 787 8 Dreamliner has landed once more with another digitally built frigate, “HMS Amelia”.

Without being encumbered by the limitation of physical bricks, the build measures a generous 95cm/37″ long and 63cm/24″ tall! But size isn’t everything as Dreamliner is finely attuned to the details of ship historic building. He’s selected complimentary colours for the hull with a muted hue that still offers a hint of visual flare.  Combined with skillfully woven rigging, brick-built sails and custom built cannons, the HMS Amelia is equipped for the perilous journey ahead!


HMS Amelia Side View 1

Look out, a new frigate has been launched!

Boeing 787 8 Dreamliner writes:

These specifications were provided:

“HMS Amelia”

  • Fifth rate frigate
  • Armament: 22 x 12 lb longun

Crew: 150 man


  • Length: 95 cm
  • Width: 28 cm
  • Height: 63 cm


  • 22 x 12 lb long gun
  • 6 x 6  lb long gun
  • 4 x 12 lb cannonade
  • 2 x  swivel beam
HMS Amelia Side View 2

Look at that beautiful shaping and intricate rigging!

HMS Amelia Size Comparison

Size comparison with a tiny mid-sized ship.

HMS Amelia Side View 3

Look at all those cannons!  Is this ship formidable opponent in a battle?

HMS Amelia Side View 4

It’s a massive frigate, even if it’s hard to tell from this picture alone…

Historical Overview

Captains: Lord Graham Hammond/Charles Herbert/Lord William Proby

Keel laid: 1776

Launched: 1780

  • 1781 arriving first captain Lord Graham Hammond and equipped
    • Transferred to the 13 colonies
    • Fought in the American War of Independence against the US Navy and the Royal French Navy
  • 1781 (September, 28) Capture of the USS Wasp (14 guns) formerly HMS Interceptor
  • 1783 destroyed the french 22 gun corvette La Therese
  • 1784 battle with Dutch frigate “De Ruyter”
  • 1784 to 1791 Mothballed
    • Captain Hammond transferred to the Indefatigable
  • 1792 reactivated and Charles Hammond becomes the new commander
  • 1792 -1795 blockade service in the canal
  • 1795 Transferred to Menorca
  • 1795 – 1801 independent mission from Menorca
    • HMS Amelia captures several merchant ships
  • 1788 Transport of secret papers from Constantinople to Tunis
  • 1800 overhaul in the shipyard of Menorca
  • 1801 Participated in the second naval battle of Algeciras
  • 1802 Return to London
    • New captain Lord William Proby comes on board
  • 1802 Frigate transferred to West Indies (Jamaica).
    • Independent mission
  • 1804 (February 1) captured by the Spanish frigate Phama
HMS Amelia Size Comparison

Size comparison with a microfigure… wait a second… that’s actually a minifigure!

HMS Amelia Bottom

Here be he main deck!  Its tiled surface shines while packed with details like custom built cannons.

HMS Amelia Front View

The figurehead perched upon the bow is that of a fearless woman!

HMS Amelia Back View

The elaborately decorated stern utilises feather pieces…

How it Ended

On February 1, 1804, HMS Amelia was captured by the Spanish frigate Pharma en route to Havana. A fierce battle ensued! Now you may have assumed Amelia would be unstoppable with all those cannons.


HMS Amelia With Lighting

Triumph for the Imperial Armada!  Battle damage causes the Amelia to sink during a storm on the way to Havana

Nay, it requires more than firepower to succeed at naval warfare, and while the Amelia escaped immediate doom, her demise was on the horizon. Unable to sustain the damage inflicted by the Pharma, the Amelia plunged to Davy Jones locker, thus ending her 23 year career. Don Diego breathes a sigh of relieve with one less enemy ship to worry about!

About the Builder…

It goes without saying Boeing 787 8 Dreamliner (Frank Mäurer) is a masterful ship builder, even if his username suggests he’s an aircraft mechanic.  his entire digital fleet awaits you so don’t miss his Flickr, Instagram, and Eurobricks profile.

Now let us discuss the HMS Amelia further! What do you think of the HMS Amelia? What would you do differently if you were building?  Would you build this ship using physical pieces?

Drift towards the LEGO Pirates Forum for a chat with the Classic Pirates and Boeing 787 8 Dreamliner!


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