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“Vengeance” by Delusion Brick

The Classic Pirates previously covered Delusion Brick when he transformed a boring recreational sea vessel into a sleek Imperial ship.  Needless to say, LEGO Pirates fans would have preferred his creation as the official set, rather than the design that was officially released.

Well now V, is back with a Vengeance!  Well, “Vengeance” being the name of a ship he digitally designed with comparable specifications to the 6268 Renegade Runner, albeit sporting magnificent lime green highlights.

Delusion Brick writes:

Vengeance green pirate ship 1698.

Hello, I do this little pirate ship, I hope you like it.

Stern of the Vengeance

Welcome to the upper deck, the captain welcomes you aboard…

Bow of the Vengeance from above

From this perspective the ship looks rather…. Insectoid

Stern of the Vengeance from above

Are those barrels hanging from the stern decorations… or for reverse parking at the docks?

The Vengeance from above

The ship has many curiosities about it… the rigging of the sails…
the angle of the windows… those barrels…

Main deck of the Vengeance from above

The main deck… it’s got guns… but of the smaller variety… won’t be sinking much with those!

Port side stern of the Vengeance from above

The captain lacks a feathered companion but given the colour scheme, a katydid would work well

About the Builder…

Delusion Brick (or the 3D artist simply known as V) is a two-time LEGO Ideas 10K Club Member from Greece. His LEGO Ideas profile offers many exciting submissions to support, rendered in his glorious trademark style.

If you’ve been sailing with Classic-Pirates.com over the eons, we’ve already acquainted yer with his more supernatural work,  “Belisarius” Skeleton Pirate Ghost Ship and Dimension Portal Lighthouse, but you can explore his more diverse talents via Instagram and Flickr.

His favourite LEGO themes include Castle, Batman and of course, Pirates!

What Do Yer Think?

Does that colour scheme tickle yer peepers or make yer feel green? It’s a refreshingly different from all them red striped sails, isn’t it?

"Vengeance" by Delusion Brick

Cutting through the water like the Green Hornet of the seas!

Let Delusion Brick know your thoughts via Flickr or on the Instagam post.

And if yer not in the know…  visit the LEGO Pirates Forum for latest and greatest LEGO Pirate builds!

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