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“HMS Midway” by Elephant Knight

The Soldiers have launched a new ship! In the long tradition of the Caribbean Clipper, Elephant Knight brings us the “HMS Midway contains a robust, brick-built hull and a beautiful color scheme blue and gold yellow colour scheme… everything that is needed to make Governor Hacienda ecstatically happy!

Elephant Knight writes:

I don’t build boats often for the Governors, or Blue Coats if you prefer, but I do on occasion. I actually built this last year, but only just got around to taking photos.

It may be one of my best builds yet, it certainly feels like it to me. I am annoyed at that fact, because it is a governor ship. They are easily the third, maybe the fourth favorite faction of mine. Imperials and Pirates being the top two (Not necessarily in that order) and the Governors and Armada vie for third place.

Tell me what you think!


Broadside of the "HMS Midway" by Elephant Knight

Look at that robust broadside – imagine a volley of lead coming your way!

HMS Midway by Elephant Knight

It would be more convenient if the Jacob ladders extended to the crow’s nest

HMS Midway by Elephant Knight

Steering the ship is not an easy task, but the helmsman is doing a fantastic job!

HMS Midway by Elephant Knight

Due to budget cuts they could only afford a wizard’s hat for the figurehead

Not familiar with Soldiers (Blue Coats)?

Soldiers (Blue Coats) were the original opposing faction to the Pirates, and to this day, remain one of the most popular sub-themes of LEGO Pirates. They have been extremely popular on LEGO Ideas and MOCs based on the sub-theme receive thousands of likes on the Classic Pirates Instagram.

The first wave of sets, which included 6274 Caribbean Clipper, were introduced in 1989 and faded into the horizon after 1993.

Front Cover of 6274 Caribbean Clipper Instructions Book

6274 Caribbean Clipper – the inspiration for the HMS Midway

The Blue Coats sailed once more in 2015 with a small wave of sets which didn’t really make waves in terms of design, but if Brickhammer’s LEGO Ideas submission, “Imperial Island Fortress” passes review, we could see an impressive set targeted towards the AFOL market in the future. Well, here’s to hoping!

About the Builder…

Elephant Knight is a wise old elephant who has been contributing impressive ships to the LEGO Pirates Forum for years. While his oeuvre boasts many fine ships, he’s not afraid to venture into other genres, especially science fiction.  Yet, all his creations are grounded in reality by being built with physical bricks.

His Flickr Photostream awaits you… or you can hit the red button below to discuss the HMS Midway with Classic Pirates and Elephant Knight himself, in the LEGO Pirates MOC Subforum.


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