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“King Kahuka’s Outrigger Boat” by Kritch

Dozens of fantastic entries were submitted to the Return of the Classic Pirates Contest and the Indigo Islanders proved to be an extremely sub-theme popular, with at least half a dozen Islander entries claiming the top 5 positions across two categories.

“King Kahuka’s Outrigger Boat” by Kritch achieved the number one position in the Mini Set Building Category, with this effective upgrade to the simple Islander canoe.

When thoughts of canoes within the LEGO Pirates Theme enter our noggin, those bright red ones included in some the Islanders sets may spring to mind, but look ahead for we have a new and improved version…

Kritch writes:

“An entry to the category 1 of the Mini Set competition. It uses 44 pieces. Although thinking about it now it’s probably not very classic in its styling. I should have made it red, but I didn’t have the right pieces. I’ll leave it here anyway”

And we’re glad Kritchleft it here anyway” because the colour certainly didn’t deter voters in the slighest. Even though a head-to-head race against other competitors ensued, Kritch clenched the lead and claimed victory!

Utilising a mere 44 parts, it demonstrates you don’t require a canoe-load of parts to construct a great MOC. It’s brimming with detail from the canoe itself to the flamboyant King Kahuka (ruler of the Indigo Islanders). This conceptual set includes a pleasing array of accessories for its part count;  including a clam shell, three fish (and the spear they were presumably caught with), and a turtle. Pet or future lunch?  You decide…

Not only is a backstory implied within the depiction, enough room has been left to fuel your imagination.

Should ye wish to build it now, Kritch has generously provided the instructions on Rebrickable!

The Original Islander Canoe

The original LEGO canoe debuted in 1994 to coincide with the Indigo Islander sub-theme.

LEGO Pirate Indigo Islander Canoe

The original racy red canoe with Indigo Island motif stickers

The canoe could be found in the following Islander sets:

  • 6278/6292 Enchanted Island
  • 6264 Forbidden Cove
  • 6256 Islander Catamaran
Outrigger included with Enchanted Island

An outrigger with sail was included with Enchanted Island

What was the Return of the Classic Pirates Contest?

The Return of the Classic Pirates Contest was a joint venture between and Eurobricks held between June and September, 2023 in which the objective was to design/build a new LEGO set concept, either in the classic style of the 80s and 90s, or post-2020 modern style like Pirates of Barracuda Bay.

The contest was divided into two categories; a Main Building Category and a Mini Set Category, with the latter imposing a 50-part limit per entry.

Possible prizes for the Mini Set Building Category

The winner of the Mini Set Category could select a set to value of 35€

Glorious prizes were on offer, with a 10320 Eldorado Fortress for first place in the Main Building Category and a set to the value of 35€ chosen by the winner of the Mini Set Building Category.

About the Builder…

Kritch is a long-time member of Eurobricks who hails from the United Kingdom and is a regular contributor to Eurobricks contests of all manner. Also, a quick browse through his Flickr or Instagram reveals much insight and showcases his talent across many fields that include Classic Space, Star Wars, and you guessed it… Classic Pirates.  Oh yes, he offers more than just this Outrigger Boat on Rebrickable.

What Do Yer Think?

Has Kritch done wonders to upgrade the original Islander canoe? Or is it missing something?  Do you think this entry was worthy of first prize?  Or is there another entry that should have won the Mini Set Building Category?

There’s still room for plenty of discussion in LEGO Pirates Forum so jump in your outriggers and paddle there fast!


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