Return of the Classic Pirates

Return of the Classic-Pirates Contest Winners
Return of the Classic Pirates

And the WINNERS are…

The votes have been counted thrice so now be time to announce the winners of the Return of the Classic Pirates Contest!

But first, let’s give a thunderous applause to those who entered magnificent creations into the contest, and those who dedicated their time responding to and critiquing entries.

The contest attracted 117 legitimate entries which far exceeds the Eurobricks contest average of 40 entries per contest.

So now, without further bumbling, here the prize winners be…

Mini Set Building Category

There be only one winner in this category and the prize is a set of the builder’s choice  to the value of 35€

Kritch wasn’t very confident with his outrigger, fearing it wasn’t classic-style enough but decided to enter it anyway.

And bless his barnacles he did!

Au contraire to the LEGO Pirate sets of yore, modernising the classic style is a perfectly acceptable approach, and many voters agreed.

While neck and neck with Maroon Marin’s “Sloop Windy” for a good while, Kritch’s “King Kahuka’s Outrigger Boat” proved to be the superior vessel and has claimed the prize.

Main Building Category

In this category there be first, second and third prizes

Third Place

The winner receives a set chosen by the builder to the value of 35€

Two 6267 Lagoon Lockup remakes were entered into the contest but nostalgia hungry voters strongly favoured Aanchir’s rendition as it attracted more than three times the votes of its direct competitor.

Lagoon Lockup was known as Solder’s Tavern in some regions, yet the original set merely glossed over the dining aspect with an awning and a couple of yellow goblets. Let potential not be wasted! Aanchir expanded the concept by incorporating the charm of alfresco dining, complete with ravenous buzzard, hopeful for scraps.

Second Place

The winner receives a set chosen by the builder to the value of 70€

6265 Sabre Island is another classic LEGO Pirates set fueling the inspiration for multiple remake entries.  TomSkippy’s entry was the most triumphant of  the three, attracting 20 more votes than both its direct competitors who only managed to procure two votes each.

Unlike Aanchir’s Lagoon Lockup, this re-imagining innovates substantially from the original design with a robust fortification and even heftier island in lieu of a printed base plate.

First Place

The winner receives a 10320 Eldorado Fortress to the value of 215€

Another classic set remake seizes the top position, and another Indigo Islander entry to boot!  This was the only entry based on 6278 Enchanted Island but Islanders proved popular throughout, with four Islander creations claiming the top 6 positions (albeit tied with an non-Islander entry in sixth position).

Danny_Boy4 proves modernising a classic set doesn’t require an excessive part count, especially when revising a set that originally included two raised base plates.  Rather, a thoughtful substitution of pieces is the key to victory while maintaining the charm of the original.

Creative Critic

The Creative Critic Leaderboard analysed the performance of the participants in this category to shed greater insight towards who is worthy of the second 10320 Eldorado Fortress.

Creative Critic Prize Winner

This rousing image is far more compelling than a screenshot of the winners forum posts…

In actuality more than one Creative Critic is deserving of a reward… if the Classic Pirates were in a position to award first, second and third place prizes, we most certainly would!

But for this contest we have but a single one prize to give, and that prize goes to…


It was an extremely difficult decision and throughout the analysis various critics were considered for the prize, however Mazin’s personable demeanor and ability to provide articulate responses well after his initial feedback set him slightly ahead of the competition.

What Do Yer Think?

Did your favourite entries win a prize?  Or do you believe other entries to be more worthy? Are yer surprised the Indigo Islanders were so popular?

Return of the Classic Pirates Contest winning entries

Spread the word! Congratulate the winners!

Now is the time to celebrate – head swiftly to the LEGO Pirates Forum and congratulate the winners!


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