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“Trinidad Pirate Ship” by NOD

When thinking of LEGO Pirates, swashbuckling adventure on the brick seas is the first thing that comes to mind, right? (If not, hang your head in shame, for you are not a true LEGO Pirates fan). Today, NOD takes us on another adventure across those brick seas with his creation, “Trinidad Pirate Ship“.  But this isn’t your usual ship with brick-built sails for NOD has gone to untimely effort of rigging them with string! Indeed, this practice is normally associated traditional fabric sails, but as you can see it opens up possibilities for brick-built sails too.


Where are the Soldiers? Are they lost at sea, or are they busy working on the shore?

NOD writes:

Class 7

My first attempt with a custom hull. I like that the hull is wider. I’m still not entirely satisfied with the side of the hull and the deck. I had to improvise a lot to make it fit somehow. It’s not bad for the first ship with a custom hull.

It is not modeled after a particular real world ship. I looked at many ships on the internet and then built my own. 24 studs. The deck is from the aft to the forward yellow railing 86 studs (included railing), at the feet of figurehead 97 studs (without figurehead). Total length 110 studs. The waterline is 80 studs. The ship has around a length to width ratio of 4 : 1. That would go well with a galleon. I have to practice a little first before I can build a galleon.


Here you can observe the rigging technique and the method used to attach the sails to the masts.

TRI 09

Also observe the custom hull technique – not prefabricated hull pieces here!


Are they shooting at unwanted guests? Or are they just practicing like usual?


Also remember this is a digital design and what implications that brings when creating convincing rigging


Aye, they’re ready to set ail! Off to another epic adventure!


Imagine seeing the ship from a helicopter a sea eagle soaring above… how cool!


With the sails and minifigs removed you can observe the rigging more clearly


But don’t worry, the crew has just gone on shore leave….


The Jolly Roger flag is present but, if only Captain Redbeard was included in the design…

About the Builder…

NOD is a regular contributor to the popular Pirate MOCs forum and Brethren of the Brick Seas forum game. He prefers to build digitally rather than with real bricks, so if you wish to venture further into NOD’s digital building techniques, check out his Flickr and Eurobricks Profile, or take a look at another of his digital pirate ship builds.

And, if you’re still eager to see even more more LEGO Pirate content from other Eurobricks members, look no further than the main LEGO Pirates forum, an epic adventure awaits there!


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