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“Island Of The Imperial Soldiers” by Wolf King

When a highly praised, and now sadly retired, 21322 Pirates of Barracuda Bay set was first released, an immense vacuum was created for its updated design aesthetic. A vacuum that has left fans hankering for an Imperial set to rival the pirates in every way imaginable, particularly so the equilibrium in the balance of power can be reestablished in the LEGO seas.

While 6276 Eldorado Fortress is undisputed classic LEGO set holding much love in the hearts of old farts fans within the AFOL community, a recent Imperial set to match those barracuda pirates has been lacking, and we, the LEGO Pirate fans, shouldn’t approach new problems with old solutions. We need want a proper new Imperial set which captures our hearts and imaginations, to rescue us from the despair of not missing new Pirate set releases and remakes, just like the Castle and Space themes have been enjoying of late.

Enter Wolf King, a designer who has not only identified the problem correctly, but was also awesome enough to offer a pleasing solution on LEGO Ideas which he named, Island Of The Imperial Soldiers.

Wolf King writes:

After the release of 21322 Pirates of Barracuda Bay, pirate theme fans including me felt the absence of an actual Imperial set because there is none in the current line.

I believe a new Imperial set is needed as a counter base to the Barracuda Bay. It is also needed as something you can attack with Black Seas’ Barracuda.

Fans like me who have at least some of the old Imperial sets are lucky, but new or young fans have nothing to counter Barracuda Bay at the moment. So this is the main reason why I created this set.

I would like to introduce you my Island Of The Imperial Soldiers.

The Imperial Soldiers vs Pirates

Can this set bring the Imperial Soldiers back into game against Pirates of Barracuda Bay? Find out by helping this submission reach 10K SUPPORTER on LEGO Ideas

The Future 10K Build

There are two parts to this build; the main tower and a secondary building, both firmly erected on a rocky reef and connected a central bridge.

The island's main tower

The isometric view looking down on the main tower is used as both a lookout and a strong defence point – although the Imperial Soldiers could fare much better with a few more cannons up there

The Admiral room

The Governor’s room has everything a governor needs, a balcony with a view, big office desk, some unimportant letters addressed to the Governor, an intriguing treasure map and one morbid candle holder

The kitchen in the main tower

Just below the Governor’s room, island dwellers can source food and comfort in the cozy and well supplied inn, open for business 24 hours

The prison in the cave

Gloomy, dank prison cells are located inside the cave, where pesky pirates are welcomed to stay for as long as they please, that is, until the day of their hanging

A warning to pirates

A long deceased pirate on a nearby island serves as a distasteful warning of what happens to those who dare sail under the black flag!

The stone bridge between islands

Governor Broadside, distinguished from the other Imperials by his black bicorne with a white trim, enjoys his regular tours around the fort

The soldiers past time

The island is surrounded by deep and dangerous waters where soldiers use every opportunity to torture play funny games with seized pirates

Cannon on the docks

The secondary building features a pier, a barrack, a storage room and nests for cannons

The main storage room

To maximise playability the side walls can be cleverly swung around

Armory and the soldiers room

Same goes for the soldiers barracks, which are little cramped, but that’s the soldier’s life for you (and it beats the gallows)

The Imperial Merchant Ship

Wolf King continues:

I felt the need to add some additional content to this project and I think this small ship is the perfect addition for the set.

I also like the fact that soldiers are no longer imprisoned on the island because they have a ship now 🙂

The Imperial Merchant Ship

Well, it’s not the Caribbean Clipper, but Governor Broadside is having a blast at the helm

Unloading the goods

The small ship is used primarily for transportation of valuables to and fro the island

Unloading the bags

But like many other merchant ships, this one also lacks serious firepower which makes it an easy prey for greedy pirates

The last brave attack

Governor Broadside, surrender now or face the consequences, a mighty vessel carrying vicious pirates has been sighted sailing your way!

Three Pirates and a Raft

To maximise the playability Wolf King has also included three treacherous pirates and a raft with powered by a windswept brick built sail.

Attack or brave escape

Reflecting their personalities, the pirates have launched an unorganised, but simple attack on the storeroom… resulting in their prompt capture… followed by their prompt imprisonment

Wolf King writes:

I especially designed these 3 pirates and the raft for people who don’t have any other pirates to play with. It would have been boring to buy this set without any pirates to play with, so people who don’t have any other pirates can at least start some adventures with these 3 pirates and their raft.

Not Familiar with LEGO Ideas?

LEGO Ideas is a website that allows users to submit creations with the aim of becoming official LEGO sets – the kind that end up on store shelves which you can buy!  But to achieve official set status, each submission must attract 10,000 supporters. Original designers receive a 1% commission on royalties and ten free LEGO sets from those currently in production.

So you can vote new LEGO Pirate sets into existence, just like 21322 Pirates of Barracuda Bay!

That’s where the LEGO Pirates Fan Community needs your support! We must unite and propel another blue coat Soldier submission over the 10K finish line! Visit the project submission webpage and click the support button to cast your vote!

Let’s Get Island of the Imperial Soldiers ALL the way to 10K!

About the Builder…

Although not a completely new member to Eurobricks forum, Wolf King (also known as the Brick Wolf) made his noticeable debut in the Pirate MOC Subforum sometime during the December of 2022. He originally set sail from Turkey (the country, not the delicious roast dinner), and besides LEGO Pirates, he also enjoys crossing over to his beloved second favourite Castle theme.

He does not waste time have an account on any popular social network, but fret not, because you can follow his work so far on the Flickr, or you can support his submissions on the LEGO Ideas.

What Do You Think?

Can this fine set achieve 10K supporters? If it does, what are the chances that the LEGO Ideas Review Team will green light another pirate themed idea? How much will they change this fan based design? Would you like to own one? Tell us that, and more, in the LEGO Pirates forum, we sawait yer comments eagerly!


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