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“Lostmans Island” by PirateTales

Whilst sailing the Caribbean Sea looking for treasure, Captain Redbeard was captured by Imperial soldiers. He was promptly banished to the dreaded prison located on the remote Lostmans Island, where he now awaits the trial of the century, and the media spectacle which will surely follow.

Can he prove his innocence to the prejudiced jury? Will he even try? Can he break free of the shackles with an outrageous bribe? Or will he choose to keep the gold and abscond into the wide yonder?

Join us with PirateTales debut on the Pirate MOC scene and find out…

The front view of the Island

Welcome to the Lostmans Island, your government imposed Pirate “refuge”, far from the rest of the world

PirateTales writes:

When the pandemic hit, I started to build with LEGO again. Rediscovering my love for LEGO was an amazing and fun experience.

When I was a kid my favorite LEGO theme was pirates and imperials. The theme brings back childhood memories and imagination.

I wanted to make this model to bring back those feelings and share them with the LEGO community. I have seen a lot of excellent imperial sets as LEGO Ideas, and I really hope that LEGO will produce an imperial ideas set at some point.

The Imperial Prison Tower

The build is consists of 2137 pieces and is intended for use in any Pirate or Imperial landscape, as well as, a standalone set.

The tower has three levels, the prison situated in the cave at the ground level, followed by the living quarters on the first level and an office on the second level. There is a modest dock and a slither of sand at the rear of the tower, call it a “beach” if ye wish to be generous.

The islands dock and the beach

Dear Pirates, meet Captain James along with, Lieutenants Edwards and Andrews, able-bodied blue coats who man the outpost

Upon the beach sleepy Edwards whiles away the hours. He is a somewhat unmotivated soldier and was stationed at Lostmans Island after being expelled transported by an Imperial supply ship .

The back view of the Island

That’s the spirit Edwards, don’t mind those pesky pirates and don’t let anyone to interrupt your well deserved siesta

The islands small beach

Captain James will be absolutely furious… Captain Redbeard is at large!

The prison is the most perilous level because of the tides. With the high tide, the cave is engulfed with turbulent water diminishing the prisoners odds of survival.

Close-up inside the prison

But wait a minute! Could it be there is a secret underwater tunnel which leads to freedom for anyone daring enough to make a dive for it?

However, there are whispers that at low tide, if you know the right spot, the cave can be opened from the outside.

The secret entrance to prison

Ah… yes, the swinging secret entrance makes the escape far less dangerous (and much less spectacular) than diving through the underwater maze filled with sharks and electric eels

The first floor of the tower is the barracks. It has a big hatch in the middle of the floor to throw down the prisoners and occasionally piss on give them some food and water.

Close up on the first floor interior

The soldiers quarters have everything one desires, two cozy beds, the food storage, latrine, prison hatch, and the best roommate who never always snores. Yo ho ho, a soldier’s life for me

Inside the first floor

Hey look, they are having Sushi night, every night

The second floor is Captain James’ office and where he keeps the key of the prison.

The second floor interior

As lying in bed causes irremediable wrinkles on the uniform, the common practice of the No-Bed for Officers continues, even at this outpost

The most noticeable object in the Captain’s office is the Diamond of the Seven Seas. The legend has it whoever possesses the diamond gains the power to rule the seven seas by commanding the sun and tides!

Close up on the second floor interior

Forget about Captain Redbeard, you’ve got the diamond… now RUN!

Atop the tower, we can find Lieutenant Andrews gazing over the parapet. He has a keen eye and a razor sharp senses for sighting pirates and tidal waves other threats on the horizon.

The top floor of the tower

It appears Lieutenant Andrews has completely failed to notice the band of pirates who are now storming the tower. Sigh… you simply can’t find good workers these days

The Real Build

It’s one thing to build a MOC digitally, it’s another to build it from physical LEGO bricks.  Sometimes builders employ techniques which defy physics in their digital builds, which in turn pose structural issues when recreating the design in the real world.

No such issues with Lostmans Island, but PirateTales did have to employ some creative colour substitution due to a lack of blue coat Soldier torsos.

PirateTales continues:

For me, LEGO is all about creativity and play. This build gives a lot of different opportunities for play; Open the cave and rescue Redbeard, climb on the rocks and greens beside sleepy Edward, fight the imperials and steal the diamond.

In addition, to play I focused on the aesthetics to make the model interesting to look at, so it also could be a nice display model.

Build of Lostmans Island from physical LEGO bricks

Don’t mind that sleepy Edwards is there in red, PirateTales simply used all of his bluecoats and did some creative substitution

Lostmans Island is made from real LEGO bricks and waiting for your SUPPORT on LEGO Ideas so stop what you’re doing (which is reading a blog post) and SUPPORT NOW!

Not Familiar with LEGO Ideas?

LEGO Ideas is a website that allows aspiring builders to submit creations with objective of becoming official LEGO sets – the kind you can buy! Original designers receive 1% commission on royalties and ten free LEGO sets from those currently in production. But to be a contender for official set status, each idea must garner 10,000 supporters within a limited timeframe.

That’s where YOU come in! LEGO Pirate fans must unite to support another blue coat Soldier submission and propel it over the 10K finish line! Visit the project submission webpage and click the Support Button to pledge your support!

About the Builder…

Sometime during the middle of 2022, PirateTales debuted on the LEGO Pirates scene with this charming entry. She hails from Norway and, besides re-living her favorite childhood moments through Pirates, she is an avid snowboarder, skater, downhill rider and surfer… in other words, she’s an adrenaline junkie who maintains an extreme sports YouTube channel to chronically her daring feats.

If sport is not your cup of tea rum, yer might be more interested in her LEGO creations, so follow her on Instagram, Flickr, or her LEGO Ideas profile.

And with that, it’s time for you to sail over to the LEGO Pirates Forum and share yer feelings about this LEGO Ideas entry with the Classic Pirates community.

Would Lostmans Island make a fine addition to the blue coat Soldier sub theme, if it were an official set? Can you suggest changes or improvements?  Or is the build fine how it is?

Click the red Discuss In Forum button below and tell us your thoughts…


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