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“Return to Sabre Island” by Tongesbricks

Re-envisioning Classic LEGO sets for the modern age is a frequent practice among AFOL builders. Even The LEGO Group has leapt onboard this trend by releasing modernised versions of Castle and Space sets… But let’s not forget this trend began with Pirates, when those devious designers cunningly snuck a refashioned Black Seas Barracuda into 21322 Pirates of Barracuda Bay.

Three years hath passed us by and there has been nary a peep out of them in terms of classic-style sets.

Now, many a LEGO Pirate fan wonders; why stop at the 6285 Black Seas Barracuda when so many other great Pirate sets could be revitalised for the 21st century?

6265 Sabre Island, released during the initial wave of LEGO Pirate sets back in 1989, is one many classic Pirate sets, clamoured over by enthusiastic Pirate fans. This modest yet effective watchtower fort has enjoyed a plethora of AFOL reinterpretations, by builders including the likes of; SleeplessNight, Pantelis and Seaber – and that’s naming but a few.

Its legacy prevails to this very day! During January 2023, Brickset hosted a survey  asking; “Which classic set should be re-imagined for a gift-with-purchase?”

Voters wasted no time declaring Sabre Island was the preferred choice!

6265 Sabre Island: built set, box and instruction manual

6265 Sabre Island – the 1989 set which has inspired countless re-imaginings

Now Tonguesbricks delivers his rendition, which not only bolsters the watchtower fort concept but extends the set with a secondary structure, garnished with a distinctly Caribbean flavour.  And it’s all bundled together on LEGO Ideas for you to support – in the longful hope that it eventuates into an official LEGO Pirates set!

Tongesbricks writes:

Hi everyone! This is my first post on the forum. Hopefully, I’m doing it right.

Growing up in the 90s, I fondly remember the late 80s and early 90s LEGO Pirates sets. I had a few of the smaller sets and the iconic Eldorado Fortress. As I grew up my interest in Lego faded in the late 90s before I returned to the hobby in about 2013 with 10192: Medieval Market Village. Since then, I’ve enjoyed building with my kids and experimenting with my own creations while we play together.

I recently discovered the amazing Bricklink Studio, which led me to create my first Lego Ideas submissionReturn to Sabre Island is a modern homage to the iconic sets of my childhood and, particularly, the titular set 6265: Sabre Island. Part of the impetus to create this set was to give the Blue Coats a base on par with the Pirates of Barracuda Bay!

Front of Sabre Island Remake

It’s certainly a lot more hefty than the original set, isn’t it?

Back of Sabre Island Remake

There’s no shortage of details around the back either

The Backstory

The Imperial Guards have stood watch over Sabre Island for decades. A captive pirate has warned that the Black Seas Barracuda will sail again one day soon. Are the Imperial Guards prepared for the battle that awaits?
A broken floorboard in the prison cell provides an ingenious escape route for the pirate through the rocky ocean cavern below the fort. Will he pull off the escape and find the treasures hidden throughout Sabre Island, or will the Blue Coats thwart his plan?
Mysteries abound on Sabre Island. Can the curious girl discover the hidden treasures before the pirate? What secrets does the old man in the tavern know about the island? Is there more to the man who runs the market than meets the eye?
Answer these questions and much more in… Return to Sabre Island!

Set Features

Minifigures of Sabre Island Remake

Return to Sabre Island includes everything you see here – yes, TEN minifigures! Let’s name them all…

  • 2,999 pieces
  • 10 Minifigures
  • Modular fort with a prison cell, planning room, and two cannon emplacements
  • Modular dock with a market, Imperial Guards’ office, tavern, and inn
  • Admiral statue to remind the guards of their duty
  • A bell tower to warn of pirate raids
  • Timber model ship
  • Hidden treasure
  • Secret trapdoor under the market
  • Tavern access from the Guards’ office
  • 64 studs x 32 studs, including modular pin connections from the dock
  • Off-stud, SNOT, and plenty of other unique building techniques to enjoy
  • Broken floorboards for a sneaky escape from the prison
  • Spot the hidden rodent and cheese
  • Plus many more play features!
Modular section of Sabre Island Remake

Here’s a look at the modular sections

Floor plan of Sabre Island Remake

My favourite part! The birds-eye view… or what some may refer to as the “floor plan”

The Exterior

Fort tower side of Sabre Island Remake

Now let’s examine the tower… it retains the charm of the original set while bolstering the detail

Lower cannon of Sabre Island Remake

Remember the cannon from the original set? That cannon lacked a mysterious cave beneath it – who’s that in there?

Dock at front of Sabre-Island Remake

That dock is a convenient addition – now you can sail right up to the fort

Sabre Island Remake from above

Let’s take flight so we may observe from above – hey, there’s a sneaky pirate lurking about!

Secondary structure of Sabre Island Remake

Upon closer inspection of the secondary structures, we observe Governor Hacienda alert and ready for action… sabre drawn… and completely oblivious to the drunken pirate stumbling towards the pub

The Exterior

Tongesbrick traversed that extra league and crafted interiors for his Sabre Island on steroids.

Governor Hacienda's quarters

Governor Hacienda in his quarters with his concubine mistress trophy wife lovely companion

Governor Hacienda's quarters

That baton she’s gripping is for the bedroom activities – yes, they’re going to beat the dust out of the sheets

The pub at Sabre Island

Meanwhile, at the pub… old Moses is hankering from his tenth refill

Soldier patrolling the docks

This Soldier with well-coifed facial hair patrols the docks… just wait until he discovers he must contend with a drunk and a sneaky pirate…

Video Overview by Mike N Jenn Johnson

The YouTube LEGO power couple Mikey J and Mrs Mikey J have produced a video overview of the LEGO Ideas submission to provide us with valuable insights and observations.

Connect with Them…

They’ll take care of you! (In a good way)

YouTube Channel | Facebook Page
Mikey J Productions Instagram | Mrs Mikey J Productions Instagram

What is LEGO Ideas?

Oh come on!  Surely you know of LEGO Ideas?  If so, skip this section and progress to supporting this submission on LEGO Ideas.

If not, old Sea Eagle will bring thee up to speed…

  • Aspiring AFOL builders create a splendid LEGO Pirates creation (shy of 3,000 pieces) and then submit it to the LEGO Ideas platform with the objective of garnering 10,000 supporters.
  • Builders with their wits about them hustle by sharing their creation on social media as a beacon to inform the world it exists
  • The extra savvy builders also create a topic in the LEGO Pirates Forum alerting to the Classic Pirates to their MOC’s existence… and before they knows it, a sterling blog post like this one is doing the rounds!
  • Should the submission gain 10K supporters it must face the dreaded review phase.
  • And should it survive this merciless review, the build is refined and released as an official LEGO set… a feat only Bricky Brick has achieved this with 21322 Pirates of Barracuda Bay.
  • The successfully builder is also awarded 10 brand new LEGO sets from those currently in production, along with a 10% commission on sales of the set they inspired.
QR code for the LEGO Ideas webpage of Ideas Sabre Island Remake

Here is a QR code which will take you to the LEGO Ideas webpage. Unless you’re reading this on your phone… in which case you’ll need another phone to scan it

And if this submission dares to reach 5,000 supporters, the Classic Pirates threaten to publish a second blog post containing Work In Progress images and images of the original version which was rejected by LEGO Ideas.

“Rejected?” you say. “Why?”

“We’ll uncover the shocking truth in Part II” says I.

So what are you waiting for?  Support Return to Sabre Island  on LEGO Ideas right now! Chop! Chop!

About the Builder…

Tongesbricks (why do I read that as “tongues-bricks?”) is a relatively new face to the Classic Pirates, having recently emerged from the Southern Seas (that translates to Australia). He sailed right into the LEGO Pirates Forum during early 2023 and dazzled us with this smashing* Sabre Island update!

His LEGO Ideas profile is somewhat barren at present but give it a follow because we’ll assume Sabre Island is the first of many wonderful creations to come.  You’ll also discover more of his work on Instagram so be sure to follow him there too.

* smashing is British for jolly good. Oh that’s British too!

What Do Yer Think

Sabre Island Remake on LEGO Ideas

This could be yours! If you support it

Has Tongesbricks done Sabre Island justice? Or has he bodged it up? What do thee think of the ecumenical expansion? Does it provide another dimension to this beloved classic?  Or be it a superfluous appendage? And most importantly, should this creation achieve the miraculously feat of gaining 10,000 supporters and pass the LEGO Ideas Team’s review; would you buy it as a set?

After you’ve supported, spread your wings and soar to the LEGO Pirates Forum so thee can share thoughts with the Classic Pirates and Tongesbricks himself.


Like what you see? Want to own this MOC as a set?



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