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“The Three Siblings Island” by Bricky_Brick

Have ye heard the perilous story of a family whose ship is thrown off course during a turbulent squall and is shipwrecked upon some tropical paradise? The ship’s crew is lost, but the family and several domestic animals survive. They make their way to shore, where they build a fantastic settlement and undergo several adventures before being rescued.

While this may sound much similar to beloved tale of Swiss Family Robinson, we are actually referring to the new pirate themed LEGO Ideas entry by the one and only Bricky Brick, and his adorable The Three Siblings Island.

Bricky_Brick writes:

“The Three Siblings Island” is a 3D map of a lost place now inhabited by Daniel, Paula, and Patrick, three siblings who survived a shipwreck.

The waves carried them in a small boat to the island and when they woke up, they discovered a new home.

The island of the three siblings is a proposal to express willpower and courage, and that with effort many goals can be achieved, among the most important being surviving on an island.
Swiss Family Robinson poster

Swiss Family Robinson is a novel by Johann David Wyss, published in 1812, which underwent a number of versions and adaptations (and not at all inspired by this Bricky Bricky’s lovely creation)

The Island Backstory

This island was discovered and regularly used during medieval times. Unbeknownst to children, the finely crafted arch on the island’s southern shore marked the entrance to a modest gold mining site, which over the eons was lost to the jungle and had been long since forgotten.

The front view at the Island

The irregular stony arch and the slightly angled wooden huts are indicative of a well conceived structure, no matter how simple it appears upon first impression

Here, the three young castaways decided to make the most of a precarious situation, while attempting to find a way back to civilization. What they don’t realise is the island’s old visitors left a solution to escape, and the secret knowledge now lies with the turtles who roam the island’s beaches.

The overview of the Island

Aerial image of The Island, taken with one of those well trained parrots. Here, we can see three different types of roofs of the three little pigs, ahem siblings

The siblings live with an unusual friend named Specks, a pig who also survived the shipwreck and was rescued by the three.

The back view at the Island

Good thing the Island is teeming with life, or else we suspect good old Specks (the pig) would appear rather appetizing

The boy with an axe

The family photo (from the right): Daniel, Paula, little Patrick and their tasty friend Specks… plus those knowledgeable escape turtles.

Patrick Bateman at age 8

There is something awfully familiar with the little Patrick Bateman here… anyways, moving on

Fish, fruits and wood are the resources they hunt and scavenge during the daylight hours, while the night is reserved for stories around the campfire about the fearsome pirates! On some nights they even spy the lights of passing ship in the distance… who are apparently oblivious to there whereabouts on the island.

Building bonfire and dinner

Worry not Specks, there is plenty of seashells and fish to go around

The Fire-starter best at his job

Wilson would be proud, our young Castaway made his first fire

The stairs to upstairs

One of the most impressive stony circular stair designs – steal this idea!

The island sleeping quarters

The rocky top of the Island provides enough space for cozy and safe sleeping quarters

The Island sleeping quarters

Daniel, being the biggest and the strongest of the three, gets to choose the best sleeping spot for himself

The island sleeping quarters

Paula is left to battle with psycho Patrick for the second best hut on the island, the hut with the most deadly sing holder

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Ray the Castaway would be envious if he saw the size of this shipwreck island!

About the Builder…

Bricky_Brick (aka Paokus in some circles, Pablo in others) is the creator of 21322 Pirates of Barracuda Bay, the first ever Pirate themed LEGO Ideas project to reach 10,000 supporters, make it past the formidable review process, and go into production. Since then he’s contributed dozens of submissions to LEGO Ideas and  has reached the 10K supporter goal more than once – impressed yet?

LEGO Ideas 21322 "Pirates of Barracuda Bay Front Box Art

This is what Bricky Brick is most famous for… a Pirate Haven, not an Imperial Guard in sight

As a member of the LEGO Ideas 10K Club, Bricky_Brick gave an interview about his brick passion that is worth a read (if you are one of those literate pirates), if not you can follow him on almost all social media platforms where he regularly shares his great ideas:

What Do You Think?

Is this MOC pirate enough to deserve your click of support on LEGO Ideas? What’s keeping the kids on this island, they do have a perfectly good row-boat to make a run for it? Is there any sparkling treasure left inside the gold mine? Got any of your questions? Well, do you? Come inside the LEGO Pirates forum and tell what you think, we are waiting for ye.


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