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“Imperial Island Outpost” by Blej

Ever since the release of the LEGO 21322 Pirates of Barracuda Bay, Imperial Soldiers forts and outposts have been springing up like mushrooms after the rain. Could it be the fear of  formidable vessel Redbeard’s (which is actually shipwrecked), or because of Governor Broadside emerging paranoia? No one can tell for certain, all we know is the forts are getting better and better!

With his debut on the LEGO Ideas, the talented and mysterious builder Blej invites us for a friendly visit to his seaside stronghold featuring a cozy inn, a port big enough to dock any captured pirate ship, a prison tower, an interrogation chamber and who knows what other jolly surprises await within.

The prisoner of the tower

Stories usually have a beautiful princesses locked in the room of the highest tower, unless… Captain Redbeard is the cursed missing daughter of Governor Broadside

Blej writes:

I have been to this fantastic forum many times just enjoying the MOCs and gathering some inspiration when I modified the Creator ship for my childhood Imperial soldiers.

The ship build inspired me to design a wharf and island base, something large enough that wouldn’t be dwarfed by the scale of the ships.

My favorite part is the hidden entrance at the side with a moving mine-cart through a cave for collecting a secret stash of treasure underneath the island.

I’m sure some of you have seen it on Ideas already, thank you for voting if you have already! Your votes are appreciated! But really I’m just happy to share this nostalgic build with as many people as possible.

Blej inspiration from Lagoon Lock-Up

Inspired by the classic 1991 set, 6267 Lagoon Lockup, the build combines many of our favorite features from sets of the era, rendered in that traditional yellow and white masonry

The Build

The Outpost viewed from the front

Imperial Island Outpost is a heavily guarded Bluecoats trading post and inevitable home for the most notorious pirates

The outpost viewed from the back

The open back interior was a real challenge to build, but Blej achieved the impossible! Or is that improbable?

The outpost viewed from the top

As a child he yearned for 6276 Eldorado Fortress, but one, never came this way. So here, he’s implemented a black crane, wharves and pivoting cannons – all the best bits! (Yeah! In your face unhappy childhood!)

The cannon on the tower

Clever techniques and pleasing angles expand on the classic castellation style with the added appeal of modern curve pieces

The crane on the docks

The set has been designed to compliment the building style of 21322 Barracuda Bay set and offer a complimentary location for tall-ship fleets to moor, interact… or even attack

The docks and the terrace

Law-abiding sailors from across the Black Seas are welcome to visit, sell their treasures and enjoy tankard (or five) at the tavern

The wide view of the upper interior

With its open back and levels connected properly, this engineering allows for a fun and playable set, loaded with surprises

The Imperial bar

Fantastic features abound, like a tavern with cozy fireplace and overly friendly hostess…

The Imperial Office

…or a fancy customs office (with chandelier!) for trade and prisoner negotiations

The Outpost treasure room

Beneath the tower, in the bowels of island lies a secret vault full of the finest relics. Treasures recovered from perilous adventures and spoils claimed after the defeat of naughty pirates

The Outpost side entrance

Little do they know, a cunning pirate-in-disguise has been sneaking treasure from the underground stash and selling it back to the unsuspecting soldiers

The Tower with No Name

Blej continues:

I’ve put together a smaller tower using the same style and type of half-stud techniques but completely different from the big tower.

I suppose the inspiration was partially Sabre Island, but with the cannon inside.

Tower of no name - front

Unique features of this MOC include; the hatch that opens and lifts the ladder (rope is not rendered), the offset angle of the main structure and the boat slide

Tower of no name - back

The cannon inside the tower, instead of ‘on the tower’, gives a small touch of realism in play, but not too much to become too serious

Not Familiar with LEGO Ideas?

LEGO Ideas is a website that allows users to submit creations with the aim of becoming official LEGO sets – the kind you can buy!  But to be a contender for official set status, each idea must garner 10,000 supporters. Original designers receive 1% commission on royalties and ten free LEGO sets from those currently on the market.

That’s where YOU come in! LEGO Pirate fans must unite to support another blue coat Soldier submission and propel it over the 10K finish line! Visit the project submission webpage and click the support button to cast your vote!

About the Builder…

Hailing from the land down under (that’s New Zealand, right?), Blej debut with this creation in the most beloved Pirate Forum worldwide. Other than that, we actually don’t know much about him.

You can follow his LEGO progress thus far on Flickr and Instagram, and maybe witness more of his fantastic future creations there.

What Do You Think?

And now, before we return to harsh reality of life, let us prolong your procrastination a wee longer…  What do you think of Imperial Island Outpost? Is it a worthy stronghold for your soldiers? Or can you suggest ways it could be even stronger?

Visit the LEGO Pirates Forum and share with us your thoughts on this build…


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