Return of the Classic Pirates

The Classic Pirates Return: Creative Critic

Not a builder? Don’t have the space or pieces to participate in the building category?

There’s another way to participate – as the old saying goes “Everyone’s a critic”

So here’s another chance to WIN a 10320 Eldorado Fortress by providing constructive feedback to contest entrants!

Now you can participate in the Classic Pirates Return contest from the comfort of your phone… anywhere… anytime…


Count down time until end of contest

When the countdown reaches 00:00:00:00

This is your LAST chance to enter!

How to Participate

First read the all important briefing which includes the Overview, Frequently Asked Questions and Terms and Conditions.

Next, register in the Creative Critic registrations topic.

After MOC entries have been posted in the LEGO Pirates MOC Forum from June 28 onward, reply in the entry topics and dazzle us with your creative writing skills.

You have until August 27 to stimulate the discussion and providing builders with feedback to make their entries even better!

Then between August 28 and September 16 Creative Critics will have the opportunity to vote for their three preferred entries and leave their closing thoughts.

Closing thoughts will also be used to determined the Creative Critic Winner.

Feedback provided Creative Critics in Contest Management topics (like this one) will also be taken into consideration


The Prize

Another Mint In Sealed Box 10230 Eldorado Fortress!  Yes, we have two to give to YOU… well, two different winners.

Front Box 10320 Eldorado Fortress

Write your way to winning a 10320 Eldorado Fortress

Back Box of 10320 Eldorado Fortress

Discover the secrets that lurk in the dungeon…

How the Winners will be Determined

Between September 16 and September 22 the Classic Pirates Crew and Eurobrick Staff will review Creative Critic registrant posts to assess:

  • The helpfulness of your critiques and feedback
  • Whether the builders consider or action your feedback
  • Whether your engagement has stimulated the discussion

What Do Yer Think?

Do yer fancy yerself a critic?  Think you can help builders shape their creations into winning entries?

Or do you have questions about this contest category?  Ye best plot a course to the LEGO Pirates Forum to discover more…



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10320 Eldorado Fortress Remake LEGO set

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