Return of the Classic Pirates

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Return of the Classic Pirates

Voting HEATS UP! Who’s Winning? Fraud? Your LAST Chance to Vote!

UPDATE 24 September, 2023

The WINNERS have been announced

Voting for the Return of the Classic Pirates contest concludes its second week and we have some swashbuckling updates for yer!  Or is that scandalous updates?

Voters have been enthusiastically reviewing the 114 entries and eagerly casting their votes to determine the prize winners!

But have fraudulent votes been cast?  Has a band of scoundrels attempted to exploit the voting system?

Keep reading for we shall investigate potential skullduggery, but remember voting closes September 16 so if yer haven’t already done so, VOTE NOW!

Fraud in the Voting System?

There may be treachery afoot!

Would yer say it looked suspicious if someone registered a new Eurobricks account and voted for 5 entries created by the same builder?

Jolly Roger Screaming over LEGO background

This is our Voting Tally Commander

Would yer say it looked even more suspicious if one of those new accounts has the same IP address as the builder?

Ignoring the fact the owner of said account is from the same country as the builder, would yer say it looks overwhelmingly suspicious when that owner claims to have “found” the builder?

Well, we’re not going mention any names, but we invite you to decide for yourself, and peruse the Official Voting Topic for vote legitimacy.  Focus yer attention on the votes towards the end of page 2.

Could we see disqualifications in the near future?  Or are we being overly cautious?  If ye suspect skullduggery is at play, please share your thoughts in the Voting Rules topic.

Who’s In the Lead?

Here’s a provisional vote tally, as of September 9 to see who’s sailing ahead:

Mini Set Building Category

There be only one prize for this category, but let’s look at the entries in the top three positions…

Position Number #3
"Treasure Island" by Oky

New Mini Set concept: “Treasure Island” by Oky with 14 votes

Position Number #2
"Fortune Idol" by Oky

New Mini Set concept: “Fortune Idol” by Oky with 15 votes

Position Number #1

We have a tie!

"Sloop Windy" by Marooned Marin

New Mini Set concept: “Sloop Windy” by Marooned Marin with 18 votes


"King Kahuka's Outrigger Boat" by Kritch

New Mini Set concept: “King Kahuka’s Outrigger Boat” by Kritch with 18 votes

Main Building Category

There be three prizes for this category, so let’s see which entries are in the top three positions…

Position Number #3

Would yer believe we’ve got another tie?

"The Lost Lagoon" by The Brick Stop

New set concept: “The Lost Lagoon” by The Brick Stop with 11 votes

Tied in position #3 with…

"Saber Island 2023" by TomSkippy

Set remake concept: “Saber Island 2023” by TomSkippy with 11 votes

Position Number #2

Would yer believe we’ve got another tie?

Tied in position #2 with…

Position Number #1

No tie at the moment, so the entry in the lead is…

"6278/6292 Enchanted Island" by Danny_Boy4

Set remake concept: “6278/6292 Enchanted Island” by Danny_Boy4 with 15 votes

But it’s not over yet because voting closes September 16 so those results could change!

What Happens If There Is A Draw?

If by September 12 a draw is looking likely, the main voting poll will close and new polls will open for the tied entries.

In the case of the Main Building Category which has three prizes, the entries tied in position #2 will face off against each other.  The entry which receives the most votes will remain at position #2 and entry which receives the least vote, will move into position #3.  Consequentially, any entries that were in position #3 will be pushed back to position #4 and no longer be eligible for a prize.

Similarly, should there be more than one entry in position #1, the entry with the most votes (in the tie breaking poll) will remain in that position, while the entry with the second most votes (in the tie breaking poll) will move into position #2, and so on…

If you disagree agree with this system express your thoughts in the the Voting Rules topic.


Entry Disqualified

Unfortunately we’ve had to disqualify 6274 Caribbean Clipper Remake by Alexu!

6276 Caribbean Clipper by Alexu

Uh oh, we had to throw this entry overboard!

In this own words, Alexu states:

Actually I did this remake last year, way before the new Eldorado Fortress has been announced and I’ve just realised I could enter it for the contest so … why not ?

No doubt this be an honest mistake, English not being his native tongue, nonetheless, the rules state entries must be built after 28 June, 2023.  Should we grant leniency? Given that another builder submitted an entry that was created prior to June 28, then later admitted to this fact and withdrew from the contest, out of fairness we cannot accept this Caribbean Clipper remake.

So if yer were thinking about voting for this entry, ye best reconsider yer options.

What Do Yer Think?

Do yer have any feedback on Voting Rules? Do yer think all the votes are legit or be there treachery at play?

But most importantly, have yer voted yet?  Which entries are worthy of a prize?  Which entries could you see as official LEGO Pirate sets?


In Forum
40566 Ray the Castaway LEGO set

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