Return of the Classic Pirates

Return of the Classic Pirates Contest – NEW Mini Set Building Category

The Return of the Classic Pirates Contest continues and we’re excited to announce a NEW building category with the opportunity to WIN a set of your choice to the value of 35€.

The objective is to design a Mini LEGO Pirate set containing less than 50 pieces that would have traditionally retailed for less then $6/5€/£4.

Like the Main Building Category you may choose between conceiving a brand new set concept or modernising an existing classic LEGO Pirates set.

But REMEMBER: these smaller sets typically contained around 30 pieces and there is no requirement to max out the 50 piece limit.  So if you can invent an entirely new set with around 30 pieces, then more power to ye!

SUGGESTION: a small set or boat set was never released for the Imperial Armada – so here’s an opportunity to rectify that.



What is a Mini Set?

During the Classic Era from 1989-1997 and again in 2009The LEGO Group released small sets containing around 30 pieces.

What they lacked in size, they made up in charm and ingenuity.

Classic Mini LEGO Pirate Sets

How many of these sets do you recognise?

During the 2000s they were named Impulse sets due to their low price: affordable enough for children to buy them with their own money… and inexpensive enough that parents wouldn’t mind spontaneously parting with a few bucks on a trip to the store.

But their purpose was far greater: introduce children to a LEGO theme and pique their interest so they’d be eager to acquire the larger sets.

Now it’s your turn to honour that tradition by updating a classic set or inventing an entirely new mini set concept…

Creative Critic

Not a builder? Mini Set Build entries are also eligible for Creative Critic feedback giving you the chance to win the NEW 10320 Elorado Fortress.

Aye, just from leaving constructive feedback in the entry topics and announcement topics!

First read and understand the Overview, FAQ and Terms & Conditions for the Creative Critic – if you have any questions, post them in that topic.

You have until 26 August, 2023 to provide your critiques and encourage thoughtful discussion.

Building participants prefix their topic titles with [ENTRY] in the LEGO Pirates MOC Forum for easy identification.

The Prizes

The Mini Set Building Category provides you the opportunity to WIN set of your choice to the value of 35€.

Possible prizes for the Mini Set Building Category

Which set would you like? Here are some suggestions…

The set must be available on your regional but there are plenty of sets to choose from.

How Do I Stay Updated?

If you’d like to stay updated on the Return of the Classic Pirates Contest, we offer various means of getting the information to yer:

Never miss an update again!

What Do Yer Think?

Did yer enter  Will you be entering the Mini Set Building Category, Main Building Category or Creative Critic… or all three?

Who do you think will WIN?

Dive into the LEGO Pirates Forum to get amongst the action – it’s far from over!


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