LEGOLAND Discovery Centre-Brimingham - Pirates Treasure Hunt

BEWARE! LEGO Pirates at LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre in Birmingham

Grab yer kiddies and set a course to the LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre in Birmingham for a swashbuckling LEGO Pirates party! They insist you jump onboard, or yer’ll be made to walk the plank!

The pirates will be in port from 9th July until 4th September 2022 with tickets costing from £22.95, and this be included with yer Discovery Centre admission.

LEGO Pirates Minifigs 2020

Maybe this is yer chance to meet Captain Redbeard, Lady Anchor and Robin Loot in the flesh!

LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre website states:

Go on a swashbuckling adventure at the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre this summer.

  • Explore MINILAND which has been taken over by pirates – spot the ships and find your favourite pirates.
  • Meet a LEGO Pirate! This is the perfect photo opportunity.
  • Why not upgrade your ticket and build a perfect pirate parrot in our creative workshop?
  • Join our Pirate Camp where you can learn how to be an awesome pirate!
  • Collect the 6 trading cards in the centre – don’t leave without all of them, you’ll have to walk the plank!
  • Build your best pirate ships and animals with our incredible selection of LEGO!
  • Why not dress up as an aaaarghsome pirate?

Don’t be a scallywag, jump onboard this summer!

Plus, as part of the entry into the LEGO Pirates event, guests can go on to enjoy everything else within the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre including two awesome rides, loads of LEGO play zones, Duplo soft play and much much more.

DUPLO soft play – it’s suitable for EvanCelt then!

How Do I Book Tickets?

Go to the official Pirate Party webpage, scroll down and click the big red Book Now button. There be two of them – take yer pick!

Children loving the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre

The kiddies absolutely love it!

They Have Adult Events Too

Well, we all know LEGO Pirates isn’t really for children anymore (just jokes!)

Pirate Adult Night Promo at LEGOLAND Discovery Centre

This is for a past event – Captain Redbeard is so drunk he’s about to slip over!

The Adult Night has a somewhat different description:

Ahoy me hearties! Friday, February 25 is Adult Night! There be no planks to walk, but plenty of pirate shenanigans to go ’round!

Last admission is at 6:45pm and prize giveaways begin at 8:00pm.

Your ticket includes:

  • Pirate themed Building Competition
  • Food and drink provided by our friends at LandShark
  • LEGO Prizes and more!

Please note:

  • Each ticket includes admission, snacks and 1 drink ticket
  • Last admission at 6:45pm
  • No outside food or drink allowed
  • Adults 18+ only. Must be 21 years of age or older to consume alcohol.

Special Annual Pass Holder rates available!

And there yar have it crew… they have grog at the adult event! (Imperial Guards not permitted)

Would ye be Interested in Intending?

T’would be fantastic if someone went along and took a bunch of photos… and a few videos… (if they allow it) and then shared them in the LEGO Pirates Forum or the Classic Pirates Facebook Group.

And what do they mean by “Build your best pirate ships and animals with our incredible selection of LEGO“? Does this mean there’ll be FREE Pirate LEGO for you to steal MOC until yer little heart’s content?

Or what about “Collect the 6 trading cards in the centre“?  What trading cards be these? Are they LEGO Pirate trading cards? “Explore MINILAND which has been taken over by pirates” – what’s this MINILAND? Have they piratized it?

So many questions remained unanswered! Which brave souls dare find out?

It’s Time For a Chat!

Does finding the answers to the above questions excite you? Have you ever been to a LEGOLAND Discovery Centre? What about one of their pirate events whether it be intended for kiddies or adults? Are you able to visit the Birmingham centre while the pirates are there?

Visit the LEGO Pirates Forum and share your ponders or past experiences with us! Or even your plans… if ye be making any to attend this joyous event!


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