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Featured Image for "Smuggling Tower, Tanari" by Evancelt

“Smuggling Tower, Tanari” by Evancelt

Evancelt, an expert builder specializing in Duplo building for the Brethren of the Brick Seas game, is back with a brand new creation! He wanted to create an island without the usual tan elements (and Duplo), so he built Smuggling Tower, Tarani… a fort manned by wenches (we may have entered oxymoron territory)… or is that captured? You’ll notice both the Soldier and Imperial Guard flags have been put aside in favour of a Jolly Roger.

You may note it does bare some similarities to the classic set, 6265 Sabre Island, but it features a hefty crane, capable of lifting a tonne of marmalade.

The Story

Franz Koran saw an opportunity and took it. With the war in Terraversa over, the city of Tanari on the western coast was located away from Oldis’ tax collectors in King’s Port, the Eslandolan trade barons in Pamu, the strict rule of law in the Oleon territories and Corrington’s orderly influence in Westface.

He and his crew claimed a small rocky island in Tanari cove and built a tower. From the tower, they could quickly unload goods from ships and then row them ashore – tax free of course.

He specialized in the finer goods: books, sherries, scented candles, rum. The luxuries went for a pretty penny once they reached the island.

When he saw a ship approaching, he would fire his flintlock pistol into the air and wait to hear the correct countersignal.

Koran kept a stash of Terraversa, Oleonese, and Corlander flags at the ready in case some sort of authority showed up and they needed to appear legitimate.


Shooting at the sky… will she succeed?


That is one angry looking woman.


This picture provides a nice view of the gorgeous interior.

Evancelt writes:

OOC: My submission for CH IV – CAT F: Smugglers Den.

Wanted to try making an island that didn’t have any tan or dark tan! Didn’t have any wedge plates in nougat, so used quarter round tiles. Also experimented with a stepped SNOT base for the tower.

About the Builder…

Evancelt continues to kick ass support the Brethren of the Brick Seas, by not only by sharing his amazing builds but also by providing feedback to other players in the game. You can view more of his builds on his Eurobricks profile, Instagram and Flickr, or better yet, check out his very own website where you can get a complete view of all of his creations.


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