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“Society of Heracles, Friends of Equality and Liberty” by Khorne

Eurobrick member Khorne shared a wonderful story with several vignettes for the Brethren of the Brick Seas role playing game in the Pirate Forum.

Come hear the crowds chant “Vive la révolution!” before the riots ensue!



“Rally – you, the downtrodden and oppressed of Oléon! Stand together as one and be strong! Push away the boot of the bourgeois trying to crush you!”, Emilien’s voice echoed through his rudimentary speaker. He paused and eyed his crowd for a second, trying to work them into a fervor. The working poor of Oléon: maids, unskilled laborers working long hours in the factories and sailors that man the many ships of Oléon’s war and merchant fleets but who receive a meagre wage in return.

“The might of Oléon is growing, comrades! The fleets are growing in size, the armies are marching to every corner of the world and the Empire is ever-expanding. The coffers are ready to burst with income! However, I should correct myself, for it are the KING’S coffers of gold ready to burst. It is the wealth of the business magnates and the nobility that is increasing. What good is exotic produce if we cannot afford it?”

“The Empire might be growing, but it is growing on your backs, dear friends! The fruits of your labour are being picked away by the powerful and rich, so can become even more powerful and rich!”

“We say ‘NO’! Power to those who work for i! Power to you, the people! Vive la Republique!

The crowd was starting to get riled up. Emilien Dorée was president and main spokesman of la Société d’Héracles, the Society of Heracles. Officially, they called themselves ‘Friends of Equality and Liberty’, but in the eyes of Oléonese authorities they are nothing more than unpatriotic, anti-royalist rebels. Supporters of the Society mainly identify themselves with all sorts of red-tinted accessories, such as red flags, shawls or shirts. Red is the color of Corrington and on a political level it is fervently despised by many of the conservative Oléonese nobility. Militians of la Société d’Héracles also revel in the fact that red is the color of Hades and that their appropriation of the color for their grassroots movement is viewed as blasphemous by most pious followers of the Order.


The eyes of the King, however, are everywhere. One might never even know one’s being watched and their words recorded…

Luckily for the good citizens of Oléon, Section XIII of His Imperial Majesty’s Chancellery of the Defense of the Realm is there to protect their way of life and deal with all matter of subversive threats from in- or outside of the Empire. They operate away from prying eyes and in the shadows, their very existence unknown to all but those involved in the organization.

The informants of la Bureau de Preuve – the Bureau of Evidence, as is its full name – are omnipresent and can be found in all strata of society. Some are voluntary informants, doing their patriotic duties, some are professional spies and other are coerced or blackmailed into this special administrative function. Information gathered by an informant, or aide gouvernementale spécial [Special Government Aide] is transferred to their liaison officer. In Granoléon many Section XIII agents work with a network of street urchins to provide them with the necessary intelligence of the happenings in the seedier parts of the city. Here, valuable information is bought for the market conform price of one (1) bar of Cocovian Chocolate. All in utmost discretion, of course.


While carriages are a faster way of transportation, in the city many people prefer to be transported via sedan chairs. If you can afford it of course. The sedan chair has the privacy and luxury of a carriage, but not its footprint, which makes it more agile and easier to navigate through the winding streets of Old Town. Many of the sedan rental services outfit their carriers in the exotic dress of Guélph, a trend amongst Oléon nobility who are always looking for the next big thing to entertain their guest and defeat their ennui.

Brokered information is then compiled into a dossier du suspect: a dossier containing all information about a suspected political criminal. This file is then brought to an inspecteur in charge to discuss and corroborate.



View file of Emilien Dorée | View file of Rosalie Carolus | View file of Nicolas Pierrot


Afterwards the inspecteur will set up a case or plan a course of action to deal with unwanted elements of Oléonese society. A strike force can be gathered to deal with the issue. Section XIII provides the intelligence, but the brute enforcers of such a  strike team consist of members of la Force Publique coupled with several Dragoons.



“The Gods created an order to things, which is best left unquestioned. A good nation is a structured nation.” – source of quote unknown. Popular amongst the administration of the Realm.

“A nation can only go forward if all citizens march in one direction.” – source of quote unknown. Popular train of thought amongst S.XIII agents.


Vive Oléon! Vive le Roi!

Here’s another shot of the house. I’m actually rather proud of this build. I’ve wanted to try my hand at an 18th century Parisian house and I think I kind of captured the spirit.

 Reveal hidden contents

I’m also fond of the figures. I was inspired by a painting I saw of a late 17th century, early 18th century farmer. In the center are the main leaders of the Heraclian Society: Emilien Dorée – the Philosopher and orator, Nicolas Pierrot – the Brute who’d rather arm the populace than speak of change, and Rosalie Carolus – the Heart who cares for the people and provides the needy with food. She also helps Emilien write his speeches and political pamphlets.

48551031676_a3385910c8_c.jpg (If you click on the picture, you can read a bit more information about the Society on Flickr.)

Those of you not following me on Flickr: information about la Force Publique can be found here. It’s a minifig bash I made some time ago, but never got around to using in actual MOCs. Section XIII can also be seen in action here.

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