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“Tiny Trailblazers: Imperial Port” by Kev.the.Builder

04The ever talented Kev.the.Builder has created a magnificent MOC of Microscale proportions which he’s named “Tiny Trailblazers: Imperial Port.

Here we see a fort where young soldiers are trained to deal with LEGO Pirates!  At the tender age of two, soldiers begin their military career at the Preschool Outpost in which they learn the basics of operating a LEGO fort and the history of Pirates… starting with the infamous Captain Foul and Captain Roger Redbeard (who’s still at large at Barracuda Bay) to the more recent Orton Orangebeard and Brock Brickbeard…  and from that sentence alone, you’ll note LEGO Pirates like using the word “beard” in their surnames.

From the Preschool Outpost they’ll received their first consignment at one of the smaller bases like Broadside’s Brig, or if they have earned their munitions license, Imperial Cannon, and then you can be assured their career will start with a bang!

Kev writes:

The Tiny Trailblazers are back, this time as imperial soldiers patrolling the seas!

Additional Information by Geneva D:

Inspired by InnovaLUG member Geneva (right, that’s me)’s Tiny Trailblazers series (and baby-themed LEGO Ideas project), we decided to go miniature this month for our vignette collab!

Kevin‘s babies are protecting the imperial possessions. The fort on this vignette makes great use of an odd number of studs (usually a pain when building!) for the castle wall effect

Check out Kev’s Flickr for more great creations and then discuss “Tiny Trailblazers” in the LEGO Pirate MOCs Forum!

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