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“HRS Phoebe” by CapOnBOBS

The second large armed merchant man that had, had its keel laid in the Beauchamp Shipyard when the limited police action in Terraversa erupted into a Brick Seas wide conflagration. The HRS Phoebe is the prettier and slightly larger the two ladies, but not the stronger.

The patriotic spirit of Breshaun and the shipyard has led to an assault of bunting on a ship that was already well decorated for a man-of-war. With ribbons in her hair, as she left Breshaun a month ago for her final sea trials, the HRS Phoebe is quite a head-turner.


Now, stopped at LOCATION REDACTED to take on supplies and receive new orders, the ship is a much needed addition to the fleet adding teeth to the underdog Oleon as they stand alone against the Red Coat giant.


But, all the trim doesn’t mean she doesn’t pack a punch. The broadsides are each 19 heavy guns, plus 2 bow chasers and 2 stern, for 42 heavy guns altogether.


The Captain is a reclusive man, he keeps his own counsel. Few aboard know the ship’s next destination. Though with her ornate merchant-man stern section, the Brick Seas will know soon enough.

As Helios is the god of the sun, transporting the orb across the day’s sky. Phoebe is the moon, carrying the lesser orb across the night’s.


And we see Phoebe again on the bow piece, flanked by chasers.


As she glides over the water, she not only holds her two full gun decks, but still ample cargo space below deck.


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