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“Land Ahoy” by Ralf Ranghaal reaches 10K Supporters on LEGO Ideas


Sep 06, 2021

Land Ahoy” by Ralf Ranghaal reached 10K Supporters on LEGO Ideas back in 2021 and will be eligible for the next review period that commences on May 2, 2022.

Be sure to read the announcement blog post on the official LEGO Ideas blog and share your enthusiasm in the comments!

The LEGO Ideas Team writes:

Congratulations on 10,000 supporters, Ralf Ranghaal!

Hi Ralf Ranghaal,

Congratulations on once again reaching the 10,000 supporter milestone! What an achievement it is!

We now officially advance this project to the Review phase.

Have you ever got the feeling the Earth isn’t flat?

Well, you should have that feeling because there is plenty of evidence to suggest it isn’t! But centuries ago it was common knowledge among seafaring folk, that the world was a disc, held up by four pillars in the centre of the universe. Sailors feared the horizon, for if they sailed beyond it, they’d plummet to their doom… or be eaten by a hideous monster!

Eventually, some bright sparks figured out Earth was an oblate spheroid and worked up the courage to sail into the unknown. LEGO MOCs and sets however, rarely break free of “flat Earth” syndrome – that is, until now!

Ralf Ranghaal has divulged in an interesting concept not seen since the Slapbands of the early 1990s… a LEGO base which can remain flat… or curve upwards!

His nifty YouTube video demonstrates how it works…

Ralf writes:

I made some similar builds before and was asked to submit them.
So I made this model of a map using only regular, standard techniques.
It is quite sturdy and a real build model. I plan to do a video showing how to roll up the flat build.
After rolling up a stand has to be attached. I made quite a basic stand out of basic bricks

The model can be made even more sturdy by adding a hose inside. Of course it cannot be rolled up then any more.

This is a design that is eye catching and has never been done before as a set.


"Land Ahoy" in it's "Flat" state

You can have it flat… but it looks pretty ordinary!

"Land Ahoy" curved from the side

But if we curve it upwards it starts to become…


"Land Ahoy" curved and on display

It becomes something quite unique! But ummm… isn’t the surface of the Earth convex?

But wait… There’s More!

This isn’t Ralf’s only foray into map building – more recently posted “ChooseYourWorld” to Flickr.

ChooseYourWorld by Ralf Ranghaal

This MOC gives new meaning to the Earth being flat…

Ralf writes:

A few days ago LEGO published a globus.

So here is an alternative for a blockhead like me and all the other ones out there.

I also wanted to build a disk but I don’t have much time right now.

The build was more difficult than I imagined. Especially the cluch of the tiles was so strong that you can actually see that the left side is not straight.

Also the block was way heavier than I expected so I had to place it in a straight line. I intended to to use a slight angle first.

I also tried to use other colours for the landscape but one important part is not available in green or bright green. I could have used some complicated snot techniques like I did in ‘Hybris’ or much simpler in my Halo ring but in the end I just opted for this rather minimal approach

If your immediate impression of Land Ahoy was an island being engulfed by a tsunami, Ralf has conceptualised that too in “New Wave“…

"New Wave" by Ralf Ranghaal

Don’t worry! The Imperial Guards build `em to withstand all kinds of weather conditions!

In case someone wonders: it’s all done with hinges. I didn’t bend plates or something like that 🙂

And finally… Ralf combined some of his builds to create “Death of a Sailsman” – this MOC is worth a Blog Post to itself, but we’ll tease you with a single image right now.

"Death of a Sailsman" by Ralf Ranghaal

Judging by the size of those buildings, this is one gigantic ship!

This is a combination of some older models: you may know the map and my pirate city. I threw together two maps, and the back of the ship and completed the ship.

As usual I didn’t care much for historical accuracy, more for fancy looks 🙂

About the Builder…

Ralf Ranghaal (or Ralf Langer or Rla Rla) is LEGO Ideas 10K Club member who likes to break free of the common plane (I.e. flat bases) and experiment with ideas that typically break the fourth wall when it comes to the foundations of LEGO builds.

Be sure to follow him on Flickr and Instagram for regular updates of his work. Or if you prefer video demonstrations, visit his YouTube Channel or TikTok to see him break the fourth dimension as well!

Once you done all that following, head over to the LEGO Pirates Forum and share your thoughts on Land Ahoy!