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“Magnetic North Frigate” by Professor Thaum

Professor Thaum works hard to keep the LEGO Pirates Forum orderly, but in his “spare” spare time he is also a fine ship builder.

Actually, the Classic Pirates were previously unaware of these talents as this MOC is his MOCing debut.

After two years of trial and error, he has launched the “Magnetic North“, a frigate with a unique turquoise colour scheme and custom sails.

Starboard side of the "Magnetic North"

BEWARE – this vessel is well crewed and carries 20 guns!

Starboard side of the "Magnetic North"

Custom sails and custom flags = extra time and effort

Broadside of the "Magnetic North"

Also, great attention has been paid to the rigging – this requires much patience!

Professor Thaum writes:

A 2 years job, with many restart.

Indeed, I was very interested by the “Grenouille” by MocYourBricks, but I’m afraid this is not my main inspiration. I started from some old pics describing a ship tumblehome – I can’t remember who send me those pics ( many years ago ) but I’m probably very close to the origin ( and those pics certainly inspired the Grenouille ).

There are many, many, many tips I borrowed in this ship, from many builders ( too many to remember who ) but there are still many ideas from my own.

To be honest, I have a bigger ship WIP with that kind of hull, and it was started 5 or 6 years ago (so before the Grenouille was posted/created – But sure the Grenouille is a wonderful ship ! No doubt!)

Gangways on the deck of the "Magnetic North"

The gangways and a jolly boat

The captain's cabin of the "Magnetic North"

Take a peak inside the captain’s cabin – there be a star chart for navigating the regions unknown

The "Magnetic North's" Map Wrack

She’s got a fine wrack! Of maps that is. For the record; we’re talking about a map wrack..

The Inspiration

Professor Thaum studied hard to build this ship.

Professor Thaum's notes for building the "Magnetic North"

He took notes… the old fashioned way!

Diagrams Professor Thaum used when building the "Magnetic North"

He researched the old-fashioned way too! Yes, he read books!

Secret of the Sails

The professor shares some insight into the process he used to make the sails.

Diagrams Professor Thaum used when maing the sails

Too bad we don’t have an English translation

I have templates for each sails of the Hermione. Just have to put it on the scale.

The sails are made of white cardstock sheets of paper, 24 x 32 cm sized (I don’t know if this match any Anglo Saxon format).

The lining hemmed part is a double layer of paper (one very narrow and carefully cut and pasted on the sail) which is colored in blue with a felt-tip pen.

The sail seams are made with lead pencil and a ruler, so are rows of reefs (but much more thick).

The compass rose was printed on the paper by… a PC printer.

And the holes at the corners are made with a single puncher.

About the Builder…

Professor Thaum has been Regulating the LEGO Pirates Forum for some time now. Since he’s new to the world of building MOCs, he doesn’t have an Instagram and Flickr account where you can view more of his creations, but we’ll keep you posted in that changes.

Come now! Let’s discuss the “Magnetic North” in the LEGO Pirates Forum with Professor Thaum – just hit the red “Discuss In Forum” button below.



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