The winner of the LEGO 90th Anniversary: Pirate Theme Celebrations is…

The winner has been announced!

Continuing from our previous blog post, the LEGO® Ideas Team has undergone their Expert Review and reached a decision.

Screenshot of LEGO Ideas Pirate contest webpage

It’s official!

Congratulations to Levi CJ Mason for his submission “Cut Throat Falls Outpost

After reviewing more than 400 entries LEGO® Ideas Team has selected this sprawling pirate harbour situated beneath a skull mountain with a lovely water feature.

Visit the LEGO Ideas website and the project submission webpage for the complete details.

What did the lucky sod win?

Levi is a lucky lad and scored all this booty:

Prizes for LEGO 90th Anniversary: Pirate Theme Celebrations

And superb work to those who entered but didn’t win anything!

The complete prize breakdown be:

  • 11021 LEGO Classic 90 Years of Play
  • 40567 LEGO Forest Hideout (Gift with Purchase)
  • 30510 LEGO 90 Years of Cars
  • 10305 LEGO Icons Lion Knights’ Castle
  • 10497 LEGO Icons Galaxy Explorer

Nary a pirate set among them… but The LEGO Group hasn’t released any new pirate sets lately… so they must be waiting for the fourth quarter of this year.

I’ve been marooned and have no idea what this about!

The LEGO Group is celebrating their 90th Anniversary this year so they’ve been holding a series of contests to celebrate.

Screenshot of some of the LEGO Ideas Contests

Look at all those contests you could have entered… or maybe you did?

They’ve held contests for various classic themes including Castle, Space and Bionicle, but being LEGO Pirate fans, we’re only covering the Pirate Contest.

You can access all the 90th Anniversary contests on the official contests webpage.

And, if you haven’t been reading the Classic-Pirates.com blog you’d do well to follow our Instagram or join our Facebook Group (or both) to keep up with the latest news.

Levi writes:

“When the ship the Leviathan crashed into the side of a mountain that looked suspiciously like a skull, Captain CJ Mason and his pirate crew found themselves a new home where a secret treasure awaits to be found.”

Cut Throat Falls Outpost forn the front

Here be the island – and it’s loaded with details!

Cut Throat Falls Outpost slightly from the slide

The build weaves in homages from various LEGO Pirate sets.
Skull Harbour… Pirates Perilous Pitfall… Pirates of Barracuda Bay… Forbidden Island…

Cut Throat Falls Outpost slightly from above

And from above it’s an eclectic assortment of all kinds of piratey things – there’s even a kraken bursting out of the shipwreck!

Treasure Chamber at Cut Throat Falls Outpost

And here’s the treasure chamber… it’s got Aqua de Vida… the Trident of Poseidon… even Excalibur!

Cut Throat Falls Outpost form the front (again)

And there you have it!

About the Builder…

We’re loyal followers of @levicjmason on Instagram and you should be too! There you will discover a variety of pirate creations interspersed with builds from a plethora of themes.

Once you’re up to speed on Levi’s talents, sail over to the LEGO Pirates Forum and congratulate him!  What do you think of “Cut Throat Falls Outpost”?  Did the LEGO Ideas Review Team make the right choice?  Or are there other submissions you believe should have taken the top prize?



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