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LEGO Ideas 90th Anniversary Contest: Pirate Theme Celebrations
LEGO Ideas News

LEGO® Ideas 90th Anniversary Contest: Pirate Theme Celebrations

Expert Review has taken place and the winner has been announced!

Discover who won in our winner announcement post or continue reading this blog post for all the news leading up to the announcement.

The Ideas Intake has ended and the Expert Review will take place on August 4, 2022.

Check back regularly for updates or continue reading this blog post for everything we know so far…

There be a contest on LEGO® Ideas for the LEGO® Group’s 90th Anniversary, named “Pirate Theme Celebrations“.

They must be seeking ideas for a 90th Anniversary LEGO Pirate set to release in the fourth quarter of 2022, just in time for Christmas!

Just kidding! (or are we?) This is what yer need to know:

  • Ideas Intake from July 14 until July 28, 2022
  • Expert Review on August 4
  • Winner Announcement on August 10

Visit the LEGO Ideas website for the complete details.

From the LEGO® Ideas Website

Yarrr, be ye’ Pirates Theme lovers? Our fourth contest be, to celebrate the best of the Pirates theme for ‘arrr 90th Birthday celebrations! The Captain is looking for your favourite Pirate-themed creation!

Okay maybe not the captain, but LEGO Ideas is!

Your submissions can be recreations of past pirate-themed LEGO sets (but not copies) or your own new creations based on pirates and could even be mashups with other themes (space pirates anyone?). They must be new creations built for this contest and may not contain any intellectual properties or references to them (i.e. Pirates of the Caribbean).

Photo aspect ratio

Please note that all contests in the future will require images to be submitted in a 1:1 square format.

ENTRY DEADLINE: Submit your entry no later than July 28th 2022 at 6:00 a.m. EST.  If you’re not sure what time zone you’re in, here’s a time zone converter.

Be sure to read the full brief for the complete details.

What’s in it for Me?

Here’s something to sweeten the deal and make it worth yer time:

Prizes for LEGO 90th Anniversary: Pirate Theme Celebrations

If yer entry don’t get rejected this could be yours!

If yer the grand prize winner here be the booty yer’ll receive:

  • 11021 LEGO Classic 90 Years of Play
  • 10305 LEGO Icons Lion Knights’ Castle
  • 10497 LEGO Icons Galaxy Explorer
  • 40567 LEGO Forest Hideout (Gift with Purchase)
  • 30510 LEGO 90 Years of Cars

No pirate sets… and it might be nice if they divvied those prizes among 5 different entrants, but try yer luck anyway!

Some Highlights

You can review all the entries on the LEGO Ideas website, but here be some highlights:

“Black Seas Barracuda Sets Sail for Its Next Adventure” by Krackenator4

Contest Entry: Black Seas Barracuda sets Sail for its Next Adventure

Heavily Inspired by the classic 1989 set, 6285 Black Seas Barracuda

I tried my best to make it accurate to 18th century pirate ship might look like while also incorporating the classic Lego pirate ship look and I am really happy with the result. The ship’s forepeak and figure head was a challenge but I believe looks true to a real galleon of the time. And because there are no sails on, I had to design brick built sails and think they turned out great. The deck has a row boat, general supplies and barrels, and a bell. I hope y’all like it!

View Entry webpage

“The Home of Peg Legged-Bill” by Mind the Brick

Contest Entry: The Home of Peg Legged-Bill

Meet Peg Legged-Bill – he’s built a very tidy home out of his old ship after he retired

The 90 year old Pirate has retired to his beloved islet.
In his early piracy days, he had spotted this tinny island on the Caribbean
and had then decided, that he would move there when he would get old.
He build his home from pieces of a battered shipwreck he found nearby.
The keel, which remained almost intact, became the main building of his home
the rest was assembled from wood scrap that he found scattered on the islet.

View Entry webpage

“The Imperial Port City” by Joaquin10

Contest Entry: The Imperial Port City

Move aside 6272 Imperial Trading Post, the blue coat Soldiers have their own trading facility. Governor Broadside oversees operations.

This is The Imperial Port City, the crown jewel in the blue coats’ empire. Around the docks fishermen are getting their catch of the day. In the streets you can hear music and buy, uhhh, a glass of water. In his ocean facing apartment a man looks down at the happening on the street. In the fortress a Lieutenant drills his men so they’re always in fighting condition. And above it all the aged governor surveys, making sure everything is at peace in his city.

View Entry webpage

“HMS Resolute: Imperial Navy Frigate” by British Soldier Bob

Contest Entry: HMS Resolute: Imperial Navy Frigate

The blue coat Soldiers need a vessel to compete with 10210 Imperial Flagship – here it is!

Step aboard the 12-gun flagship of the imperial navy and the pride of the commodore’s fleet! This three masted frigate features not only a faithful reproduction of actual 18th century sailing ships, but also boasts a fully furnished deck ready for action! Use the crane to lower supplies to the cargo hold and prepare the cannons for action! A small island is also included to pay homage to the most often overlooked aspect of the pirate theme; the islanders!

View Entry webpage

“Eldorado Fortress” by Legoguy426

Contest Entry: Eldorado Fortress

An update to an old classic!

When thinking of what to make for this contest I knew I wanted to recreate an old set but I didn’t know which one. LEGO had already made a new version of the Black Seas Barracuda so I decided to make the next best set from that time the Eldorado Fortress.

View Entry webpage

“The Return of the Skull’s Eye Schooner, 90th Anniversary of Lego” by Phoenix Bricks

Contest Entry: The Return of the Skull's Eye Schooner

Now this could be awesome with sails and rigging!

Many of you must remember the 1993 lego set: The Skull’s Eye Schooner.
With the release of the new Pirates of Barracuda bay a couple of years ago, I thought I would remake the Skull’s Eye Schooner.
With 12 cannons, 2 decks and 3 masts, it is ready to set sail for another 90 years of Lego…

View Entry webpage

“Ahoy!! Hurry Up Pirates!!” by Zeke_Bricks86

Contest Entry - Ahoy!! Hurry Up Pirates!!

It’s like this place was designed for smuggling

The Captain and his crew are acting quickly, before the Royal Guard captures them!!

Orca Brig Boat V1 By benyp88

Contest Entry: Orca Brig Boat V1

This is an interesting concept – a fitting vessel to journey to World’s End

It’s a North Sea pirate with a brig powered by a killer whale.
It’s a modified version of my frigate in Brig

“Escape the Kraken!” by RobLegoBrick

Contest Entry: Escape the Kraken!

The quintessential kraken with 8 arms – more like an octoessential kraken (see what we did there)

The Kraken is a quintessential pirate theme!
I’ve tried to capture the moment when the sea monster bursts forth from the ocean and grabs the unwary ship. Is the Captain good enough to escape it’s grasp? Are the crew strong enough to sail out of the whirlpool?
The ‘disc’ of the model has hidden wheels underneath, on the outer edge. The central ‘beak’ of the Kraken sits on a flat plate on the ground. This allows the disc to spin around the centre.

Captain’s Parrot by AIStrange

Contest Entry: Captain's Parrot

Pirate’s best friend!

SQUAWK! This parrot lives in the captain’s cabin, and knows him better than any other member of the crew. He’s probably seen more treasure maps, more plunder, and more people walk the plank than any landlubbing bird will see in their entire lives.

Perched on his trusty stand, the captain’s parrot sees everything that happens on the ship, whether it’s meant for his eyes or not. SQUAWK!

Let’s Discuss!

Submit yer entry or take a gander at the other entries.  Once you’ve done that, sail by the LEGO Pirates Forum and tell us what you think!

Have you entered?  Are there any entries that catch yer eye?  What do you think of the prizes? What do you think of the entry conditions?

Have a yarn about this contest and LEGO’s 90 anniversary with the Classic Pirates!


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