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Pirate Submissions in the LEGO Ideas first 2023 Review
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Which Pirate Themed Submissions Made the First 2023 LEGO Ideas Review?

It’s that time of year again maties!  The time when all the 10K LEGO Ideas submissions during the past 4 months are tallied up and enter the review phase.

This time there a “record-shattering” 71 submissions reached the 10K milestone – so does that mean a record-shattering number will be rejected during the review phase?

Official Announcement

Here be the official announcement from the official LEGO blog:

Submissions for the first 2023 LEGO Ideas Review

You better count each little thumbnail to ensure there are 71 of them

71 Product Ideas Qualify for the First 2023 LEGO Ideas Review

This morning, we closed the latest review qualification round with a record-shattering 71 submissions reaching the 10,000 supporter milestone and qualifying for the First 2023 Review.

These 71 product ideas have hit the 10,000 supporter milestone between the months of early January 2023 and today’s review qualification date, the 1st of May 2023. Congratulations to all 10K members who’ve made it to this milestone!

Product Ideas hitting 10,000 supporters after today’s deadline will be eligible for the next review period instead which starts on the 4th of September, 2023.

We look forward to celebrating our 10K Club members through the 10K Club Interview series, which will kick off as soon as we’ve announced the Third 2022 review results.

Have a favourite or perhaps multiple favourites? Let us know in the comments what you’re hoping will make it through this review.

71 submissions ay? Perhaps LEGO Ideas popularity has increased over the years and achieving 10K supporters is somewhat less challenging than before. Maybe it’s time to shift the goal posts and make the requirement 15K!

The Pirate-Themed Submissions

Now, this is the part where we disappoint you!  There aren’t any classic-style pirate-themed submissions in this review.

*The Classic Pirates duck the incoming barrage of rotten tomatoes*

But there be a couple of submissions relevant to the Pirates theme.

“The Crown – A Piece of History” by Piraten

We’ve extensively covered Piraten’s crown in the past and announced it had reached 10,000 supporters on 12 January, 2023.

But if you missed this glorious news, here’s a visual quick reminder…

Featured image for "The Crown - A Piece of History" by Piraten

The Crown also includes a holy hand grenade

So now we’re pleased to report The Crown has officially entered the review phase.  Some fans probably be wondering what relevance a crown has to pirates – there wasn’t even a crown in any of the LEGO Pirate sets!  Wait a minute…

LEGO 6281 Pirates Perilous Pitfall Boulder Trap

Pirates Perilous Pitfall is the only LEGO Pirates set to include a crown
and Captain Valiant must seize it before it falls into pirate hands!

Crowns are some of the most valuable booty in existence!  Imagine how difficult they are to acquire. It’s not like there’s an abundance of monarchs sailing about, and even if one should happen to be encountered, imagine the challenge of capturing their ship.  Such royalty would have their finest naval forces at their command and a fleet to escort them.  Some say, the crown of King Dandelion be the only crown in the Brick Seas, and it is currently in possession of the Imperial Armada.  Therefore, crowns are definitely worthy addition to yer treasure horde!

“Double Helix Coaster” by Nachapon L_e_g_o

Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to cover this submission due to insufficient capacity… in other words, we don’t have enough bloggers to keep on top of all these wonderful MOCs!

"Double Helix Coaster" by Nachapon L_e_g_o

Another Pirate-themed roller coaster – but this one is more scientific than the Creator 3 in 1 Pirate Roller Coaster (31084)

Nonetheless, this submission is quite an interesting concept, and while Nachapon didn’t state why pirates were chosen as the thematic, this information was provided:

DNA is a double helix formed by base pairs attached to a sugar-phosphate backbone.

This Double Helix Coaster is the first-ever, brand new concept for a Lego roller coaster elevator mechanism and track layout. It is equipped with two helix/spiral rails. One is a helix lift using a worm gear gearbox operated by hand crank or a motor to push many carts to the top continuously, another one is a helix slide rail for carts to coast down in a spiral. Both of them were built in the same tower just like the shape of DNA! What makes this design possible? The answer is the cart has a lift hook only on its left side. The hook is inside and pushed by the lift when the cart is climbing. but when the cart coasts down the hook are outside so it will not hit the lift parts.

The helix lift is safer, more reliable, and compact. The whole thing was built on two base plates only.

Connect many new coaster rail parts #80566 “rail 13X13X3 1/3, ¼ circle” to form this beautiful double helix tower.

Use VR box or simply naked eyes 3D on smartphone full screen stereoscopic 3D SBS 4K 2160p 60 fps – on YouTube

Learn more about the Double Helix Coaster on the LEGO Ideas submission page.

And if yer interested in blogging or love writing about LEGO Pirates, send an Email to

Third 2022 LEGO Ideas Review

If yer can recall back to last year and still wondering what be happening (despite there being zero Pirate submissions) here be a quick announcement…

Submissions for the third 2022 LEGO Ideas Review

Only 35 submissions reached 10K – did yer slack off on supporting or something?

Third 2022 LEGO Review Results

The LEGO Review Board is currently working their way through the Third 2022 LEGO Review which consists of 35 wonderfully creative product ideas. We look forward to sharing the news with you all as soon as they are ready. Check out the fantastic submissions that are currently being reviewed below.

The results will arrive during the Summer of 2023 and you can learn more about those piratically-deprived submissions on the official LEGO blog.

What is LEGO Ideas?

New in these waters?  Here’s a quick briefing:

LEGO Ideas is a platform which provides you the opportunity to submit your creations in the hope of having them produced as official LEGO sets.  To be considered for production, your submission must achieve 10,000 supporters and pass a review phase.

Should your creation succeed (at the time of writing, Pirates of Barracuda Bay is the only pirate-themed submission to do so), you receive a 1% commission on sales and awarded ten LEGO sets from those currently on the market.

Take a gander at all the pirate-themed submissions on LEGO Ideas right now!

What Were the Other Submissions?

If for some crazy reason yer interested in themes other than LEGO Pirates, here be a list of the other 69 submissions which qualified for review:

1. Dr. Seuss And Lego By Legofan_506

2. Sweet Honey By RobertVII

3. The Botanical Garden By Goannas89

5. Stargate SG1 : Embarkation Room By Starbrick_SG1

6. Roscosmos Soyuz Ms Spacecraft By Tom_Brick

7. Motorized Howl’s Moving Castle By Ericlego321

8. The Stargate By Captain Mutant

9. Medieval Seaside Market By Bricks_Fan_Uy

10. Brick Boulevard By Bricky_Brick

11.Retro Comic Store By LEGOverwatch

12. Shrek’s Swamp – 20th Anniversary By The Real Ashnflash

13. Baby Green Sea Turtal – Kinetic by QuaintWolf082

14. Humpback Whale By Les Briques De Loïc

15. Shrek’s Swamp By Danielbradleyy

16. Brooklyn Nine-Nine: 99th Precinct By Benfankhauser

17. Led Lamp By Castor-Troy And Max Brich

18. Bricks Coffee By Utamaru_Brick8

19. Ogel Creek Saw Mill By Krackenator4

20. Hollow Knight: Forgotten Crossroad By Ben Osborne

21. Lego Godzilla By Matte720

22. Claus Toys By Bricky_Brick

23. Where’s Wally/Waldo? By Iyan Ha

24. Twilight: Cullen House By Lobsterthermidor

25. V.&Amp;T.R.R. #12, Genoa By Sgjess

26. River Side Lodge By Terauma

27. Daft Punk – The Robots By Eliot.Obrien

28. Catan – The Game By XCLD

29. Monsters Inc: The Door To Monstropolis By HollyOnFilm

30. Iljinai Family House By Rock the Brick

31. Multi-TooL By Tall Guy Bricks

32. Portal 2 Quantum Tunnelling Device. The “Portal Gun” By Hooded-Blaze

33. Legoland Central Station By Mind The Brick And Patgeo

34. E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial By Brickester

35. Amethyst Geode By Gman13579

36. The Scream By Spacemanship

37. U Liotru – Elephant Fountain – Catania By Giovannimirulla

38. Lego Astronaut: Never Give Up By Legotruman

39. The Iron Giant By Hachiroku24

40. Robotic Mech Factory By The_B3_

41. Bluey! Again! By Monkey Scout

42. Naruto: Ichiraku Ramen Shop – 25th Anniversary By DadiTwins

43. Ducktales: The Money Bin By Sxavalentine

44. Bionicle: Toa Head Statue By Yannickbuildsthings

45. Deejay Chiama Italia By FACEBRICKUP

46. The Metropolitan: Don’t Miss Your Train! By Lil Billy

47. Classic Telephone By Brick Dangerous

48. Wednesday: Welcome To Ophelia Hall By Brickmax.

49. Welcome To Narnia: The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe 75th Anniversary Set By Reepicheep90077

50. Stardew Valley Farmhouse By Fourbrickstall

51. Parks And Recreation By SJs Workshop

52. Antique Cabinet By Terauma

53. Gilmore Girls By Marodipietro

54. Cool Runnings: Jamaica Bobsleigh Team By Sankabassoon

55. One Direction: What Makes You Beautiful By SJs Workshop

56. Harry Styles – Harry’s House By BrickHills14

57. Blackpink: How You Like That By The Power Of Fusion And BangTanbricks

58. Lantern In The Wind By QuangTran1993

59. The Addams Family By Yang Yang

60. Spongebob Squarepants – Bikini Bottom By Vaicko

61. Bricklink-Lego Color Table By PancettaSublime019

62. The Moon: Earth’s Companion By SharkyBricks

63. Taylor Swift – Lover House By Lucy33

64. Ice Cream Parlor By Bricky_Brick

65. Elf The Movie By Johnathan1986

67. Eda’s Owl Houuss By T-Brick

68. Wizard’s Hut By J.K.Brick

69. The Hourglass By Brick Dangerous

70. Small Shrimping Boat By Adwind

71. Vintage Radio By Dimexart

What Do Yer Think?

Will any of these pirate-themed submissions pass the review phase?  Or will they be mercilessly rejected and disappear into obscurity? Do you think these submissions aren’t piratey enough for the Classic Pirates to mention?  Or would you eagerly buy them if they were released as official sets?

Share your thoughts on the first 2023 LEGO Ideas Review in the LEGO Pirates Forum!


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