PTV ENTRY: oDDerFisken – You or your girl? (medium division)

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oDDerFisken - You or your girl?

The pirate had captured him and his wife on their honeymoon on a beach in the Caribbean. But they were nice.. well at least they gave him a choice. With one of his feet he can reach a stick and turn the cannon away from himself before the fuse goes off. Only trouble is that the only direction he can turn it to, is the direction of his girl. And she’s stuck because the pirates have put her in mortar to her waist.
What he does not now is that the pirates have put a big barrel of powder behind his love, so if he decides to aim the cannon at her they will both die due the explosion. The pirates think this is fair. If a man chooses to kill his love to save his own life, he shall die.
Meanwhile the mastermind of this little construction is standing out of sight of the two prisoners and having a last laugh of his genius trap before he takes of to plunder, rape and kidnap once again.
The time is ticking. The rope won’t last long, and the fuse will go of. What will he do?

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