PTV ENTRY: Lord King of Everything – Die for the King! (large division)

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Lord King of Everything - Die for the King!

Somewhere in the 17th century AD there lived a man. This man was not just a man, this man was Kahuka and he was the King of Ookabooka Peek!

This day should have been like any other day. The Floating Cadaver containing captain Bob and his crew, would come to hide away their treasures in the caves of the Ookabooka Peek after pillaging a village. King Kahuka had a special arrangement with captain Bob.

King Kahuka, or Kinky Hooker as captain Bob and his crew called him, would keep the treasure safe in return for something King Kahuka was very fond of. Captain Bob would sacrifice fresh human meat to the Ookabooka bigmouthed pet god.

He especially enjoys the chewy taste of the red-coated shako-wearing soldiers.
This normal day however turned into something which resembled something closer to an abnormal day. The soldiers did not wear red coats, they wore blue!

These soldiers were not like the calm cowardly sheep that normally got pushed of the plank and dropped like squirming worms in the jaws of the Big Mouth. These blue coats managed to escape their destiny partly. Some of them escaped from their prisons, killed some of Bobs crew and tried to climb overboard.

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