PTV ENTRY: I Scream Clone – Bones and Calamari (large division)

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I Scream Clone – Bones and Calamari

What could possibly bring pirates and the Navy together?

Captain Abyss and his scurvy denizens of the deep!

Captain Abyss has dispatched his crew to liberate one of their recently reanimated crew mates. The poor island residents not knowing what to do with such an unholy creature, hastily locked him away in their jail. Little did they know what perils awaited them.

Riding his giant squid into battle, Captain Abyss gives the order to Pillage the Village !

The pirates and the Navy are quick to sum up the dire situation, and band together against the army from the depths. Arming themselves with whatever they can, be it cannons, pistols, brooms or even sheep, the islanders hope to make one last stand!

Do these poor souls stand a chance? read on to see!

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