PTV ENTRY: Talon Karrde’s large division entry to the PTV contest

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Talon Karrde's large PTV entry

Basically, Port Culver was a small imperial island fort/port in the caribbean, it’s golden beaches crowned by a volcanic ring, capped by a defensive wall, this fortunate natural defense had made it almost impregnable from Pirate attacks, but not these guys…

They anchored on a night as black as their hearts, and waited for dawn to come. As the sun rose they lowered the longboats and splashed their way towards unsuspecting Culver, up the beach they swarmed, multitudes, bringing ladders and death.

Culver was doomed, the small garrison of imperial troops rushed to arms, hopeless in the knowledge of their inferior numbers.

Women cried and babies screamed, men were powerless, the town was still, awaiting death.

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